Tower Heist Is Another Hit For Ben Stiller And A Great Movie For You

Tower Heist is a movie that stars Ben Stiller and doesn’t disappoint.  Ben Stiller plays the part of Josh Kovaks who is the manager of the ritzy apartment building called The Tower and he takes his job very seriously, going above and beyond for all of those that are under his care.  He also expects the same dedication and drive out of all of the employees that work at The Tower under him.

Josh has made one mistake in his quest for perfection on the job.  He has trusted the wrong man, one of the residents at The Tower.  Arthur Shaw is a resident at The Tower and has become friends with Josh.  A very well-known businessman, Arthur was entrusted by Josh to invest and manage the retirement accounts of the staff of The Tower.

Arthur Shaw is discovered to be in the midst of a huge ring of financial crimes and Josh discovers that all of the money they trusted Shaw to invest for them is gone.   The employees are devastated, one of them to the point that they attempt suicide.  That character was Lester, the doorman is nearing retirement and is discouraged and feels devastated.

It is at this point that Josh decides he has to do something for all of those that have lost their hard-earned money and the idea for the tower heist is born.  Josh decides that he will simply steal back what is rightfully theirs.  He begins to hatch a tower heist plan to break into Shaw’s apartment and find the money he is sure that he has hidden there.

He needs some partners in crime and that is where Eddie Murphy and Matthew Broderick come in.  Eddie plays the part of a seasoned criminal and Matthew’s character is a financial genius.

Together, they pull off an amazingly funny tower heist.  Rent Tower Heist and watch it tonight.



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