15 Things Reality TV Show Fans Need To Know About What They’re Watching

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The top 15 things to recognize in reality shows will make it obvious that yes, this is a show. Some people still think they’re real.

It’s escapism


As much as people want to believe in these shows, they’re not entirely real. They’re another form of escapism that allows them to peer into a world that is real but is still a caricature.

Most of the attitudes are exaggerated


When watching people interact it’s sometimes easy to see that they’re reciting lines, not exhibiting real emotions. The fact is that a lot of people don’t react the same way you see in reality TV.

These shows cater to what people want to see


Tests are run, surveys are conducted, and the producers and directors, as well as focus groups, determine what will be shown. This is done based on what said focus groups find entertaining.

The more drama, the better


People get off on drama, this is as true today as it has been for much of human history. The fact is that society wants to see drama, even if many of us state that we can’t stand it.

There is very little realism


In many shows, the fact remains that realism is not what is being pushed. When there’s a camera in a person’s face it’s tough to think that they’re going to react normally.

The producers manipulate much of the show


This has been claimed by many show contestants and actors who have gone on to detail their experiences. Some might have said such things out of anger, but it’s very easy to think that the people behind the camera are pulling strings.

Those who have experienced various situations can recognize the falsehoods


When you’ve gone through various situations that mirror what’s on TV it’s very easy to tell what’s real and what’s not. For instance, chefs might be able to tell that Hell’s Kitchen is fake.

Breaking kayfabe is no longer a taboo


There is some realism in reality shows, but such moments are rarely shown until later. It’s added content that producers appear to think might keep the interest of the audience.

Script vs. natural reactions


Can you tell when someone is reading a script? Listen to them talk when they’re not going off of one and then make the decision.

Lying is easy to spot after a while


People have tells that reveal when they’re lying. It could be a mild tic or something insanely obvious. In any regard, reality TV is one big lie most of the time.

Relationship issues are not quite that dramatic


When was the last time you got that dramatic in front of someone concerning your relationship? Most people don’t stress quite that much.

Shows set in various industries tend to overplay the situation


Those who have worked in the industry that is being shown on one reality TV show or another might get a good laugh at this. In some instances, the shows get it right. In others, it’s downright ridiculous.

Reality vs. TV reveals the ‘show’ aspect of it


A few hosts have claimed that they don’t care about the show aspect, and that they believe in what they do. It’s a form of hypocrisy that a lot of people have spoken about over the years.

Viewers are hooked by compelling stories


That’s one of the main points, right? If the story is compelling enough then people will listen.

Many shows drop off when they veer too far from reality


When new actors are brought in, or stories are taken in different, less appealing directions, it’s easy to watch the viewership fail. People want something new, but not something outlandish and far removed from the popular formula.


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