Three Reasons We’re Excited to See Ellen Hosting the Oscars

Ellen DeGeneres is a funny lady. In fact, she’s one of the funniest ladies around, which is probably why her career is doing so well. Not only does she have a hit talk show in which she’s hilarious yet still able to entertain and help so many, she’s even hosting the Oscars; again. If you’re not watching the Oscars for any other reason but to watch Ellen’s opening monologue, join the club. Here are three reasons to look forward to seeing Ellen host the Oscars.

She’s Funny

I mean, there’s not much more you have to say than this. Ellen is hilarious. She can make you laugh in a way that’s not offensive or rude, but just toes the line. She’s got an infectious personality that just makes her seem like the woman next door. Seriously, if you’ve never seen Ellen perform and thought to yourself, “Man, if only we knew each other in real life, we’d be best friends forever,” then you are missing out.

She Knows Everyone

She’s not like your typical host. She’s not just someone who does interviews and speaks to the crowd. She actually hangs out with the stars. She knows them. She has intimate relationships with them. She stalked George Clooney for an entire season of her talk show until he finally surprised her with an appearance on her show. And it was funny from the moment it started. And not only that; she’s something like an 8th cousin twice removed to the Duchess of Cambridge. That’s how many people she really knows. It makes her even funnier because the celebs at the Oscars already love her so much from their personal relationships with her.

She Dances

If you love to see people dance, you should’ve tuned into the Grammy’s. However, Ellen loves to dance so you might get to see a little fancy footwork from the hilarious host the night of the Oscars. If nothing else, you’ll get to see her in a great suit and probably some seriously awesome chucks.

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