This Is 40 Is A Great Choice Of Movie For Your Next Date Night

This is 40 is the perfect date night movie, especially for those of us that are married with kids.  This is because This Is 40 is all about marriage with children and all of the struggles that a couple faces as they navigate those tricky waters.

Leslie Mann is as darling as she always is and Paul Rudd is completely hilarious in This Is 40.  Together they make the perfectly imperfect married couple, Debbie and Pete who we first met in Knocked Up.  Since then, the kids have grown as have Debbie and Pete.  Their marriage is a typical marriage which you will love.  This is no fairy tale.  It is the story of two married people hitting 40 and going through all of the things that one faces at that time in their lives.  They both have stresses on the job.  Debbie is trying to figure out who is stealing from her clothing store and Pete is trying to keep his entrepreneur business from flopping, all the while trying to support not only his own family but his Dad’s as well.

And there is the trouble on the parenting front, too.  You will laugh as Debbie and Paul deal with their teenage daughter’s many problems head on and if you have a teenager, many of the scenes will strike close to home.

In the midst of all this, they are trying to come to terms with turning 40 and making peace with the demons of the past.  Rekindling the fire in a marriage isn’t easy but if anyone can do it, it’s Debbie and Pete.  Their love is the real deal and you can count on many laughs when you see this movie.  This is 40 also has some moments of intense emotion where you will feel for the couple and understand exactly how they are feeling.

This is 4o is a must see for date night.


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