The New Type Of Reading Material: Ebooks on Kindle, Nook, Laptops And More

Ebooks are the latest type of reading material.  They are a way to read your favorite books on your electronic device.  It is the exact same book but in electronic form.  They have been around a bit but I am just now venturing into ebooks territory.  I have been a die-hard fan of the traditional books.  I love the feel of a book in your hand.  I love to look back at how many pages I have read and how many I have left to go.  I even love the smell of a bookstore!

But recently, I got sick and didn’t have enough books put back to last me through my illness.  So… I thought… you know… I am going to give this ebooks thing a whirl.  And here is what I found…. it wasn’t so bad.  There were advantages and disadvantages to the ebooks I purchased.

As far as advantages to the ebooks, there are several.  First of all, you can get them instantly, which I loved.  As soon as you purchase your ebooks, they are ready to read.  No waiting for a book to come in the mail or till you have time to run out and pick a book up.  Also, there are quite a few ebooks you can get for free.  This was how I got my first one, then got hooked on that series and bought the rest in ebooks form.  Also, ebooks are usually a bit cheaper than paperbacks.  And, because I was sick, I was not sleeping well so I wanted to read when I was up in the middle of the night.  I could read my ebooks without turning the lamp on because the light from my laptop was enough to illuminate the words for reading.

But I will admit I missed the ‘feel’ of a paper book in my hands and that is still my preferred method to read.  But if I see ebooks for the right price or I want a book immediately, I would certainly read a book in ebooks form again.


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