The Movie You Should Rent Tonight: The Lucky One

The Lucky One is a movie based on the book by Nicholas Sparks, also the author of The Notebook and Dear John.  Nicholas Spark’s latest book made into movie is as delightful as those before it have been.  It will have you both laughing and crying. It touch your heart in the tender places Nicholas Sparks is so good at reaching.

The Lucky One is the story of Logan Thibault who is just recently returning to the States after his time serving as a Marine.  While in Iraq, he found a picture of a girl who became somewhat of a lucky charm for him, making him feel it was why he stayed safe.

Back on American soil, Logan sets out to find the mysterious girl in the picture to thank her for being what he felt like kept him safe.  With some help from his instincts, he finally does find and meet Beth.  But the opportunity to say thank you is botched and he finds himself employed at her family business, a dog boarding and training operation.

As the time passes Logan yearns to share why he is there but his heart gets wrapped up in Beth’s story and her history.  A romance is developing even amidst the complications that they have all around them.

With Zac Efron playing Logan and Taylor Schilling cast as Beth in The Lucky One, the movie comes to life with a sizzling attraction that jumps off the screen.  You are going to root for Logan to win Beth’s heart and fear that he may not be able to.  With Logan’s integrity and Beth’s strength of character, they make a couple that you are going to love to watch.

Do yourself a favor and rent The Lucky One tonight.  It’s a great movie to watch with the lucky one in your life.


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