The Hangover Part 3 Is A Must See For Those That Love A Good Flick

The Hangover Part 3 is every bit as funny as the first two movies in this series.  Devoted fans that have loved and followed The Wolfpack through their first two adventures will not be disappointed in The Hangover Part 3 and those new to The Hangover movies will soon become fans.

As The Hangover Part 3 begins, Alan is facing a crisis in his life and his friends and family decide to do an intervention with him.  They have decided he needs help that he can only get at a treatment facility.  So Stu, Phil and Doug set off to escort brave Alan to the treatment facility on a road trip across the country.

All is going well until they encounter trouble alone the road and Phil’s minivan is rammed and ran off the road.  It turns out that their old pal Chow has gotten them involved in trouble from far away.  Chow and Alan have been in contact and now a mob leader, Marshall, is insistent that they lead him to Chow and the money he stole from him.

There is only one problem.  No one knows where Chow is now so The Wolfpack has to track him down.  Doug was kidnapped for ransom by Marshall, Alan is as unstable as ever, Stu is as nervous as ever and Phil has to be the brains and brawn as usual.  When they finally find Chow, he is not willing to accompany them to meet his fate.  When he finally does go along, he is only in it for an ulterior motive and gets them into even more trouble with Marshall.

The Hangover Part 3 is a great movie and one you don’t want to miss.  While it is hilariously funny, it is definitely meant to be viewed by an adult audience.  Enjoy.

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