The Guilt Trip Is A Feel Good Film To Enjoy Watching With Your Family

The Guilt Trip is a movie that you can enjoy watching with your family.  The Guilt Trip is about an adult son and his relationship with his mother.  Seth Rogen plays Andy, a man who who has invented an all organic cleaning product he needs very much to sell.  His mother, Joyce, is played by Barbara Streisand.  She is a widow who is searching very hard to feel the void and loneliness she has in her life by various activities and pursuits.

Andy is getting ready to go on a cross country road trip and he decides to invite his mother along but he has ulterior motives.  He has looked up an old flame of hers and hopes to reignite the relationship in order to give his mother someone else to focus on other than himself.

They have many adventures and mishaps along the way.  First, Andy ends up getting a small compact car due to his mother’s insistence that he do so to save money.  He later regrets this when he ends up driving the car in a bad snowstorm.  His mother’s choice of audio books drives him crazy as does her constant insistence that he drink more water.  In addition, Joyce is determined to get to the bottom of why Andy doesn’t have a woman in his life, including finding a way to reunite him with his high school sweetheart for the purpose of closure.  She is willing to use anything she needs to, including the guilt trip she is so good at, to get him to agree.

As the miles roll past and tensions mount and eventually bubble over into an argument that leave both with regrets over things that were said, they discover that they have more in common than they originally thought.  Andy discovers his mother actually has some very valuable wisdom to help him in his business and his life.  Rent The Guilt Trip and watch it with your family tonight.

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