The Cold Light Of Day Is A Guys Movie That Us Girls Can Enjoy, Too

Henry Cavill plays the part of Will Shaw in The Cold Light Of Day, an action packed tale of twists and espionage.  Will Shaw is a man who has never had the best of relationships with his father, Martin Shaw who is played by none other than Bruce Willis.  He lives in California but is reluctantly visiting his family in Spain and hoping that this time things are different.  However, his strained relationship with his father is just that, still strained.

When Will goes into town to get something, he comes back to find that the boat the family was all on is no longer in the same place and when he does locate it, it is empty and things look as if they did not leave under the best of circumstances.  Will goes to the police but doesn’t receive a helpful response.  In fact, they act as if he is in the wrong and treat him as if he is the criminal.  Eventually, Will gets an officer to listen but something seems off.  As things definitely go off course, his dad shows up and helps him to escape from those that want to hurt him.  His Dad reveals that he is a CIA agent.  Just as things begin to look hopeful that they can save the rest of the family, Martin is shot and Will is on his own to meet the demands of the kidnappers in less than 24 hours.

Next, in The Cold Light Of Day, Will tries desperately to get help to find his way through this puzzling mess and discovers even more about his father that he never knew.  Things are definitely looking different to him about the father he never really knew in The Cold Light Of Day.

With some help along the way, Will finds a way to get them out of the tangled mess they are in.  Rent The Cold Light Of Day for a flick you will both enjoy.


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