The Choice By Nicholas Sparks Is Another Heartwarming Tale Of Life And Love

The Choice is another book by Nicholas Sparks that captures the heart of the reader by penning a tale of love, life and how the choices we make can impact so many that we are close to.

Gabby Holland is on her way to the top of her game.  She has her life carefully charted out.  She has made it through school and is a prestigious physician’s assistant.  She has bought her first home and is in a committed relationship with a man she can see her future with.  Travis Parker doesn’t think his life can get any better.  He has the perfect job, the perfect dog, the perfect friends and pretty much everything that he could dream of wanting, except a special woman to share it with.  For some reason, he has just never had that connection with another woman who made him fall in love.

But from the first time he meets Gabby, he knows that there is something about her he just can’t put out of his mind.  They get off on the wrong footing when she accuses his dog of making hers pregnant and then is in for a rude awakening when she takes her dog, Molly, to the local vet who just happens to be Travis Parker. After her angry accusations and thoughts that Travis wasn’t very successful in life, Gabby finds herself rethinking her first thoughts.  The sparks begin to fly and the two fall in love in spite of all of Gabby’s well laid plans.

After the couple finally makes it through what seems like  insurmountable odds to be together,  and the choice is made, life throws them another curve ball.  Travis finds himself torn between the choice that Gabby wanted and the one that he feels he must follow in his heart.  Which one will he choose?

The Choice is a great read and those that love happy endings will not be disappointed.


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