Social Media Etiquette Rules You Should Follow

Social media etiquette is a relatively new area of etiquette to navigate but that doesn’t mean we should be lazy in our knowledge of it.  As technology advances and we become more and more social online, we need to also become more careful of the social graces we should conduct ourselves while doing so.

Social media etiquette has some very basic rules everyone should follow.  Let’s talk about some examples of these.

Don’t say anything online that you wouldn’t say to someone in person.  In other words, social media is not your smokescreen to insult someone.  It is not kind.  In other words, don’t be offensive to others.

Also, some things are better left to other types of conversation, such as on the phone or in person.  Sharing a shocking bit of news is not thoughtful.  If it is that important, call those it concerns.

Don’t overwhelm others with the menial details of your life.  While they appreciate an occasional funny story about your children, they don’t want to hear what you had for breakfast, then what you had for lunch and what you had for dinner.

Another example of social media etiquette to be followed is to post pictures with care.  Observe if it is a flattering picture of everyone in it before you post it.  Even if it is a wonderful shot of you consider not posting it if it is a terrible shot of your friend.  Consider if you would want it posted on someone else’s page if you were the one in the not so photogenic light.

On the subject of unfriending, it is really not needed in most cases.  Unless there is some reason you don’t want a certain person to see your updates any longer, simply hide them from your view.  No one likes being deleted.

Social media etiquette is a bit tricky but let the thought of how you would feel should the situation be reversed be your guide.





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