Siri Mitchell: A Heart Most Worthy

A Heart Most Worthy by Siri Mitchell is the first book I have read by her and let me say, it did not disappoint.  The cover art is gorgeous and drew me in.  I did not know if I would be able to love this book because of the time setting; usually I prefer pioneer times or stories set in the 40s but this book, set in the time period of World War I was captivating.

A Heart Most Worthy is the story of three young Italian girls living in the Italian District in Boston.  They work together at Madame’s dress shop and are both friend and adversary to one another.  Each girl feels there are obstacles in her way in reaching the love she years for.  And each will find, in her own way, that she has A Heart Most Worthy.

You will meet Annamaria, who is bound by Old World customs to never marry and care for her family all her life.  When she meets a man who is from the wrong side of the street, she dares to dream, to step out and shake off the responsibility that has unfairly landed on her shoulders.

Julietta is coy, vain and has feelings for two men.  One is involved in questionable behavior, one has aspired to better his life.  Go along for the journey as she makes her choice.

Luciana will steal your heart as she makes her way in America.  Coming to the new country with only her confused and grieving grandmother for companionship is difficult enough, but she has to constantly look over her shoulder for danger.  You wish and hope she chooses to trust someone enough to allow them to offer her the protection of their arms.

I loved A Heart Most Worthy.  It is like three separate love stories in one story, woven together with the greatest of expertise.  Siri Mitchell has my support.  I will be buying more books by this author.


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