Seeking Justice Is A Great Movie With Nicolas Cage And January Jones

Seeking Justice is another great film for Nicolas Cage fans but there is much more to this film than the fact that it features this star.  Seeking Justice is an awesome movie with action and thrill to keep you jumping with a strong undercurrent of a romance making it a movie that will be loved by both the guys and the gals.

Seeking Justice is the story of a couple that are very in love, Will and Laura who are played by Nicolas Cage and January Jones.  When Laura is assaulted, Will is furious and wants nothing more than to ensure his wife is safe and justice is done.   After seeing her battered face, Will isn’t thinking clearly when he is approached by a man who offers to take care of the man who hurt Laura.  The temptation is too great and after being reassured this will cost him nothing more than a small favor or two throughout the course of his life, Will agrees and sets the plan in motion.

The man who assaulted Laura is eliminated but the horror is just beginning for Will who discovers he has stepped into a secret organization that is seeking justice for the wrongs of many and he is trapped.  As hard as he tries he can’t find a way out of the mess he is in.  He finds himself deeper and deeper as he struggles to find a way out.

When he tries to complete his given job to be released things go horribly wrong and he finds himself a target of both the secret organization and the police.  He has to go on the run, fighting for his life and that of his beloved wife.  Can he find a way out of this tangled web?

Seeking Justice is one of the better movies I have watched and one you would enjoy for your next date night in.


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