20 Rules Contestants on ‘The Voice’ Have to Follow

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Reality shows like ‘The Voice’ are beautiful and appealing, but they all come with a set of rules. Yes, you may not know of it, but contestants on ‘The Voice’ have to follow a set of rules. Here are 20 such rules The voice contestants have to follow; some are even law-bidden.

Style Makeover Post-Blind Auditions

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How do you think every contestant looks perfectly ready for their performance? Well, a special team is there to style them right after the blind auditions. From what the contestants will wear to how they will look, everything is planned. However, during the blind auditions, contestants typically present themselves in their chosen style.

Rehearse Audition Songs in Advance

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Contestants, when selected, cannot just hit the stage and perform. To make sure the show goes well, contestants are allowed to rehearse beforehand. This rehearsal includes performing on stage with a live band in front of the producers. After all, the failure of contestants cannot ruin the show.

Coach Choice: Only if More Than One Chair Turns

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When contestants perform, coaches hit the buzzer and turn their chairs if they like the performance. If one coach turns, the contestant goes into his/her team. However, if more than one turn, the contestant gets to choose the coach they want to work under. In between that, coaches may explain why they are the ideal mentors.

Limited Song Choice Freedom

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Contestants do not have full freedom to choose which song they want to perform. Although the decision is initially theirs, if their coach disagrees, nothing much can be done. It is usually the coach who decides which song is the best for the contestant. However, coaches are usually lenient and make the best decisions for their team. 

Persistence Pays Off: Try Again and Again

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One of the rules at ‘The Voice’ that contestants can benefit from is trying and trying again. If you do not make it to the blind audition, try for another audition in another city. However, this requires registering for another Virtual Open Call 24 hours after the previous audition. 

Age Requirement: Minimum 13 Years Old

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Anyone interested in applying as a contestant on ‘The Voice’ has to be 13 or above. The minimum age requirement of 13 has to be followed at the time of form submission. There is no way someone younger can appear on the show unless one is trying to fake their age. As a precaution, contestants are asked to submit age-proof documents.

Red Chairs: Less Dramatic Movement on TV

The red chair in ‘The Voice’ telecast is dramatic. Agree? But in reality, they are not. The woosh sound and dramatic chair movement are only added post-production. The editing is unnoticeable and you will not be able to judge it. However, the contestants are made to react a certain way making it look bigger on the screen.

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Intensive Training Pre-Blind Audition

Selected contestants are not directly sent for the blind audition. Instead, ‘The Voice’ has this strict policy of giving intense training to every contestant. This training involves performing on stage, with the band, handling social media attention, dealing with health, and much more. This particular rule was added in later seasons.

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Virtual Auditions for Performers

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Yes, contestants do not directly reach the stage and perform in front of the producers. Instead, every contestant needs to record themselves singing. They have to submit it to the casting team and wait for them to review it. If approved, the next performance is then scheduled for the stage auditioning or blind audition.

Wow in 90 Seconds: Casting Team’s Time Limit

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Yes, only 90 seconds, a minute and a half. Contestants need to prepare 90 seconds to impress the casting team during virtual auditions. These 90 seconds are for introduction, explaining which song they choose and why, and singing along. Singing well is not the task alone, making it on time is. 

Full-Time Commitment: No Other Jobs Allowed

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Being on the show ‘The Voice’ is a demanding experience. It takes keeping your life on hold until the show goes air and performs. During this phase, the contestants are not allowed to work anywhere, no office job, no part time. What brings full-time commitment? The production schedule of reality shows is intense.

Continuous Coach Support for Team Members

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Celebrity coaches are there to support their team members all the time. The coach-team bond is not just for the telecasts but it remains the same, even deeper behind the scenes as well. Some coaches even lend a helpful hand to their team beyond performance. Coaches even help them with several strategic decisions.

Editing Control: Contestants Lack Say

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If you are performing at ‘The Voice’ as a contestant, forget that you will have a say in the editing of your performance. Contestants need to sign a contract stating they can be edited in a way the show wants. Even if it is embarrassing or humiliating, they have no say.

Unpaid Journey: Contestants Don’t Receive Payment

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Contestants on ‘The Voice’ are not paid to be on the show, or even for any of their performances. The stars are, but this rule is completely different for the participants. What do they earn then? Free publicity, fame, a platform, and recognition across the music industry. While on the show, contestants may benefit from several career opportunities as well.

Covered Expenses for Contestants’ Living

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Although contestants do not receive any payment for the show, their living expenses are covered. At least they do not go hungry since there is on-show catering and other food options always available. They also receive housing, and producers cover travel and lodging expenses. Transportation to and from the set, rehearsals, and any other are also covered.

Work Authorization: Must Have Right to Work in the U.S.

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Getting into ‘The Voice’ requires contestants to have legal permission to work in the U.S. Yes, this is the eligibility criteria before you sign the contract. Some acceptable documents include a U.S. passport,the Green card, driving license, and social security card. Anyone without a work permit might not be able to continue the participation.

Fast-Paced Live Telecasts

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The live shows are fast-paced and therefore contestants have to be ready to perform anytime. The pressure during live shows is real and contestants have no other way besides giving in their best. The team does not adjust for anyone. Especially since in certain episodes, live telecast is also associated with live voting.

Online Application for Contestants

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Contestants usually have to fill out an online application form on the official website of the show. The form includes certain details including singing experience (if any). The online application process is a compulsory rule and there is no other way to apply for the show. It is further followed by submitting audition videos.

Swift Goodbyes: Immediate Departure Post-Elimination

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Once eliminated from ‘The Voice,’ the contestants have to leave immediately. They do not even get the chance to say goodbye to everyone. However, contestants get to talk to a psychiatrist hired by the show before they leave. This rule is applicable to all the contestants as elimination can be traumatic for many.

Solo Presence: No Entourage Allowed, Except for Under 18

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Contestants have to be there solo without parents, family, or friends rooting for them. Only the ones 18 and under may be allowed to bring their family along. This rule is compulsory for one and all. For participants under 18, a guardian is essential for the legal and logistical aspects of the competition.


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