Rent The Words For A Thought Provoking Love Story For An Evening In

The Words is a movie that has all of the elements of a good love story.  The hero is attractive and in love with his lady.  There is a thought-provoking plot.  This is a movie that will keep you interested throughout the whole movie.  There is no dull and drooping middle.  You will be glued to the screen.  At least, you had better be if you want to know what is going on.  It is that kind of movie.

The Words is the story that involves Clayton Hammond, played by Dennis Quaid, reading his new novel.  Bradley Cooper plays Rory Jansen, a man who is trying to break into the publishing world and has never wanted anything more.  He is desperately in love with his wife, Dora, played by Zoe Saldana.  Together, they make a couple that you will love to watch the chemistry of.

Rory is at the end of his rope and reaching down into the last of his checkbook.  He is broke and discouraged and doesn’t think that his dream is going to happen.  Then, he finds a story.  This story is old and handwritten.  He has no idea who wrote the story but it is deeply touching.  After debating and battling with his conscience, he does the unthinkable.  He submits it to an agent for review and it is automatically accepted and becomes a bestseller.

The plot to The Words thickens when the real author emerges with anger and the true story that inspired him to write the novel that remained unpublished.  Rory is sick and wants to do the right thing to fix the situation but the real author wants nothing to do with that.  Rory doesn’t know what to do to make things right.

The Words will keep you guessing and thinking right up till the very end.  You must see this movie.  The Words.  Rent it tonight.


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