15 Reasons Why Ink Master is Fake

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There are 15 reasons why Ink Master is fake, and some of them are kind of obvious. Others are kind of silly in all honesty.

The time limit is a joke

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None of the artists are forced to stop right when the judges say so. Thankfully for the canvases, they do get enough time to finish.

Canvases can take a break

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You don’t have to be an iron man or woman to come on Ink Master. If you’re struggling to get through the session you can take a break.

The jury doesn’t make any difference

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The jury has no real power on Ink Master. The decision is scripted like a lot of the show.

There’s no random assignment

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Everything is taken care of in advance so there are no real surprises. Everything else is just stagecraft.

The drama is manufactured

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People love drama, and Ink Master is one of the shows that gives them that. It’s a formula that works, obviously.

Production comes up with feud material

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Most of the artists don’t have a lot of animosity when they come to the show. A few of them are good friends.

There are scripts

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It’s reality TV, this should come as no surprise. Ink Master is just as scripted as any other show.

Contestants do disrupt their careers to come on the show

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The reality is they do have to step away from their own business to participate. That’s a gamble since tattoo artists need to keep a regular schedule to get paid.

There are storylines

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Some of your favorite feuds are storylines that have been created by writers. They’re not all believable, but they do keep people amused.

Styles are picked by production

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Everyone has their own style, but the best tattoo artists are accomplished in several styles. Still, production controls pretty much everything.

Even the judging is scripted

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Like it or not, the judges are following their own script. They might know what they’re doing, but they’re still part of the show.

The judges don’t spend a lot of time on the floor

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What you see on the show is a few seconds at a time and not too far removed from how often they’re actually on the floor. A lot of times the celebrity judges aren’t there.

There is a casting form for all human canvases

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Anyone who is going to get a free tattoo has to read and sign a form and waiver. It’s not a random selection.

Coverup was a production-based idea


Tattoo coverups are very real. But including it in the show was an idea that production had to approve.

The judges don’t have any real authority

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They get to sit there and act like they’re sending people off, but the truth is that production rules this too. It has a lot to do with who’s more popular and who is pulling in the viewers.


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