10 Reasons People Hate On Modern Movies


There are probably more than 10 reasons people criticize modern movies, but it’s easy to narrow them down to a handful. Modern movies aren’t all horrible, but there are plenty that feel unnecessary.

Word of mouth isn’t as strong as it used to be


Remember the days when a movie would be talked about and spread from one person to another via personal opinion? That still happens, but not in the same way.

Social media has too much influence


Anyone can offer their opinion online and too many people judge modern movies based on the likes and dislikes of another. Social media often makes it plain that having a differing opinion is the best way to become an outcast.

The misuse of nostalgia


Modern movies aren’t all horrible, but they use callbacks, throwbacks, Easter eggs, and nostalgia in a way that gets tiring after a while. In some cases, everything but the main point of the movie is bound to be noticed.

The MCU set a very high bar

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We can’t blame the woes of modern movies on the MCU entirely, since this franchise has been trying to build and rebuild for years. But the MCU did create something that a lot of movies have tried to copy over the years, a lot of times to no success.

Too many properties are owned by one corporation or another

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How many properties does Disney own now? How many are in the Universal camp? It’s tough to remember them all.

Franchise building has become the whole point


There’s less emphasis on creating an actual story and more on creating a world that will be able to spread out in multiple directions like a strain of mold. Unfortunately, without great storytelling, movies get diluted very quickly.

Lower-budget movies aren’t as easy to enjoy


Yes and no on this one, since many people do still seek out Indie movies. But after so many big special effects and grandiose stories, it is tough to go back to simplicity.

Animation is being abused and overused


Can you recall when animated movies weren’t so plentiful? They were special because it took them a while to come out, and kids loved them. Now they’re all over the place.

Special effects are being overused


CGI isn’t that bad since it gives modern movies flair and is impressive. But there is something to practical effects that can’t be beat.

It’s become quantity over quality


These days it does feel as though streaming services and studios are trying to pump out as many movies as they can, without worrying about if they’re good or not. That creates a lot of content, but not a lot of interest.


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