Ready For A Good Weekend Flick? You Should Watch The Watch

If you are wondering what movie you should watch this weekend, rent The Watch.  The Watch is a great comedy film but how could it not be when it stars Ben Stiller and Vince Vaughn?  These two actors have tons of comedic talent and it shows greatly in this film.

That being said, The Watch was different from what I anticipated it being.  I thought that this movie would be your mainstream comedy and it was… but there was some lurking science fiction as well.

When Evan (played by Ben Stiller) has a friend that is murdered in the Costco store he manages, he sets out to find out who the killer he.  He takes his responsibility to the community very seriously and wants to avenge the death of his friend.  Joining him on his quest are three other members of this neighborhood watch or The Watch, as they call themselves.  Vince Vaughn’s character, Bob, is one of those three.

Together they set out to keep their neighborhood safe from all future dangers.  Some members take this very seriously, mainly Evan, and the others do not.  What follows is a story that keeps you laughing as they experience many adventures and misadventures.  In the midst of all of this, they become good friends.

Suddenly, though, they notice things have taken an eerie turn.  They begin finding suspicious green slime around places of the escalating crime.  Then they discover that aliens are the ones leaving the green slime everywhere and are behind the rise in crime.  After getting over their shock, they have to figure out how to save their town and the world from a total alien invasion.  The police sure aren’t listening so it is up to them, The Watch, to come to the rescue and put the world to rights once again.  The Watch is a film you simply must watch.


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