15 Post-Apocalyptic Movies That Feel Too Accurate

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The 15 post-apocalyptic movies that feel too accurate are, for lack of a better word, creepy. But they do present an interesting picture.

I Think We’re Alone Now

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Starring Peter Dinklage and Elle Fanning, this traumatic story initially implies that Del and Grace are the last two people left alive. When it’s discovered that this isn’t the truth, things get a little weird. With themes of isolation and behavior modification, it strikes way too close to home.

Night of the Comet


Even filmmakers back in the day understood human nature it appears. Of course, using a comet and radioactive dust to turn people into zombies or piles of dust is kind of a stretch.

The Road

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Talk about a tough movie to watch. Many people agree that this is way too close to home when it comes to the end of the world, especially when it comes to how people treat each other.

Children of Men

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Again, this one hits a little too close to home, in a different way. When humans become incapable of having children any longer, the death of the world’s youngest male is a tragedy. But the emergence of a pregnant woman becomes reason enough for many to make a power play.

28 Day Later

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If there’s one recurring theme about post-apocalyptic movies, it’s that humans will end up being the authors of their own downfall. When a deadly virus runs rampant in England, the UK becomes a dangerous wasteland of infected individuals.

I Am Legend

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This movie kind of reaffirms that dogs are mankind’s best friends, and sometimes their staunchest defenders. But again, a virus that affects humanity is terrifying considering that people are already mucking around with bioweapons.

A Quiet Place

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Humans make noise, that much is evident and has been for a while. But when you’re being hunted by something that uses sound to locate prey, well, that’s a good recipe for the decimation of a species.

Zombieland: Double Tap

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The zombie apocalypse is already a concern for many individuals. But a commune where people melt guns and think they’re safe behind low walls? Talk about hopelessly realistic.

Dawn of the Dead

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From viruses to zombies to aliens to, whatever, people are scared of the unknown. But the depictions of how people treat each other in these movies feel way too accurate, especially when fear is a huge factor.

Planet of the Apes


Irony was created back in the 60s and has continued to the current era. Imagine a world run by apes, and a world in which humanity is no longer at the top.



If this doesn’t show some sense of realism then nothing does. The fact that humans become so dependent on technology has already happened, has happened, and could happen.

Mad Max

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It does feel like a stretch, doesn’t it? But when you keep in mind that this movie is about a fight for resources and to maintain power and status, then it’s not that unrealistic.

Shaun of the Dead

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Why does this feel a little too realistic? Well, as post-apocalyptic movies go, it does feel as though there are plenty of people who would run to the pub to ‘let it all blow over’.



The movie is imaginative, that’s for certain. But the battle between the haves and have-nots is way too real. Many would already have those around them believe that a war is on the way.

The Hunger Games

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Civil war is a certain fear among many people considering that the country is in a state of unrest at the moment. But who doubts that the government would initiate such a punishment against the people if they lost?


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