Planning the Perfect Dinner Party

Even if you don’t do it regularly, knowing how to throw a successful dinner party is important knowledge. You never know when you will find yourself in a situation where entertaining prospective clients, your boss or distant family members is necessary, and you certainly want your dinner party to go well. These three tips will help you as you navigate the waters of entertaining; helping you to host an evening that is fun and memorable.

Plan Ahead

Don’t wait until Friday morning to plan the menu or décor for your Friday evening dinner party. Trust me when I say that last minute planning looks exactly like last minute planning. Give yourself a few days to come up with a menu that will suit everyone – and be sure to check that no one has any allergies or special needs when it comes to eating. You need to know ahead of time if you are serving dinner to anyone who has a peanut allergy or doesn’t eat anything that isn’t kosher.

Plan for Variety

Even if no one has any special dietary needs, it doesn’t mean they’ll like everything you serve. When you aim for a variety of different appetizers and entrees, you are increasing the likelihood that everyone will leave your dinner party satisfied and full.


One of the most difficult aspects of throwing a dinner party is considering what everyone likes to drink. You might want to opt for a full bar, but if you’re working on a budget or you simply don’t want a bunch of people drinking tequila shots and going crazy, consider serving wine and water. Most everyone is okay with a glass of wine as long as you have a variety of different wines to choose from, or at least a bottle of red and a bottle of white from your favorite wine store. Additionally, remember to buy enough wine to accommodate all your guests. One bottle pours four full glasses. If you have 12 guests, 2 bottles won’t work.


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