Oscar Snubs and Surprises in 2014

The Oscar nominations came out last week, but not everyone agrees that the nominees are the right ones. It happens every year; people are offended that their favorite actress/actor/picture wasn’t nominated or that their least favorite actor/actress/picture was nominated for an Oscar. There’s nothing you can do about it except for read the news and decide whether or not you agree with who was nominated and who wasn’t.

Tom Hanks

It appears that most of the media and the world is a little confused as to why Tom Hanks, who starred in two great roles this past year, was snubbed as a nominee this year. Surely his role in Saving Mr. Banks was deserving of a Support Actor nomination and his role in Captain Phillips for a Best Actor nomination. However, the Academy apparently didn’t agree as he was not nominated for either, causing the world to speculate over this double snub.

James Gandolfini

He was hilarious in Enough Said, so why was the late actor and former Soprano star overlooked for an Oscar nod this year? The world can’t figure it out, but looking at the list of actors that were and the ones who didn’t make the list of nominations, it’s not hard to figure out that there’s simply not enough Oscar nominations to go around for this year’s outstanding performances in the movies.

Christian Bale

While he was phenomenal in his role in American Hustle, it appears that most of the country is a little surprised that Christian Bale and his long comb-over received a nod for his role. However, if his performance, and the performance of the rest of the cast of this particular movie, stand on their own, it’s no surprise that Bale – and his castmates – received nominations for their roles. It’s an outstanding film.

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