Madea’s Witness Protection Movie Serves Up A Good Dose Of Comedy

Madea’s Witness Protection is every bit as funny as the movies that have come before it by Tyler Perry.  The movie is about a family where the dad, George Needleman has become involved in a Ponzi scheme without any knowledge of it.  He was the innocent bystander who the guilty party planned to have take the fall for them.   When this happens and George’s world is falling apart, he and his family have to go into witness protection to be kept safe from the mob.

Madea’s house is the one where they find themselves at as their new home.  They are bringing lots of family problems with them, in addition to the Ponzi scheme George is innocently wrapped up in.  George’s marriage with Kate has grown dull, George’s daughter Cindy, from a first marriage, is rebellious and disrespectful and George and Kate’s son Howie is going through his own rough patch and in desperate need of his father’s attention.  Madea comes up with some unconventional ways to help this family get their relationships back on track.  She encourages Kate to be tougher with Cindy instead of allowing her to walk all over her.  She quickly teaches Cindy the value of respect and George rediscovers himself and finds time for son and to reconnect with his wife.

In the midst of all the legal proceedings, George makes a decision to funnel back the funds that were promised to charities that they never received.  To do this, he needs a woman to step in and play the part of Precious Jackson, who is the made up character that was used to funnel the money away.  With this plan in mind, he convinces Madea to step in and play the part.

This movie is full of laughs and entertainment as we see Madea display the same tough, loving but comical manner we have come to know and love.


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