Madagascar 3 Is A Great Movie To Watch With Your Children This Weekend

Madagascar 3 is a great movie for the young and old alike.  All of the characters of the past Madagascar movies return in Madagascar 3 and are as loveable and laughable as ever.  They are trying to get back to the great New York City and are going to do so by going through Europe.  When their plane wrecks in France they know they are going to have to do something different to get back to the United States.

With the police and a terrible villain in the form of an animal control agent who secretly wants to have Alex’s head to hang on her wall, they have to act fast and find a way to get themselves out of immediate danger.  They are running in between trains to hide from their followers when they spot a circus train.  With some slick talking, they manage to talk the circus animals into letting them come aboard.

Once aboard, the manage to keep the circus animals on their side by continuing the charade that they are circus animals instead of the zoo animals they really are.  Both you and your children will be laughing at how they have to keep up their false story by performing with the circus animals.  They know nothing about being in the circus and the real circus animals are long on problems and short on confidence.  Alex, who is both the fearless and fearful leader in Madagascar 3, finds a way to purchase the circus and guide them back into the success they once enjoyed.

But things begin to fall apart when the circus animals discover that the crew of Madagascar 3 are not who they really say they are.  Feelings are hurt and relationships are damaged between friends.   When the Madagascar 3 animals end up back at the zoo they have dreamed of returning to, they find that things aren’t quite the way they recalled them being.  They discover a yearning in their hearts for anew kind of life, the circus life.

Rent Madagascar 3 and enjoy it with your kids.


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