Looper: A Thriller That Has A Nice Mix Of A Time Travel Story

Looper is a movie that mixes the thriller story line with a good dose of action and even a mix in of science fiction.  This movie will appeal to many different people because of the broad spectrum of features it offers.

Looper is set in the future and shows how the mob operates in that time period.  When they need someone to be disposed of, they sent them back into the past to be killed.  A looper is waiting for them to show up and they do the deed.  This system seems to work out well except for one problem; what do you do when the one that shows up to be disposed of is your future self.  This is what happens when Joe faces his future self.  Present day Joe is played by Joseph Gorden-Levitt and future Joe is played by Bruce Willis

Joe from the future is on a mission; he wants to change what happens to his wife in the future and protect her from harm.  Joe in the present is on his own mission; he wants to protect those that might be in the way of his future self’s intentions for harm.  Looper really isn’t about the good guys and the bad guys.  It is about a series of what if’s that make you stop and think.

Looper takes a twist when present day Joe finds himself at the home of Sarah Rollins, played by none other than the beautiful Emily Blunt.  He has to protect Sarah and her young son from future Joe, who is on a mission to destroy them.

Then, in one moment, present day Joe has a vision of the future and makes a choice that will shock you and give you a new understanding of what it meant to be a looper.


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