Legendary Actors from Every State


The list of legendary actors from every state is a long one, but just about every name is known to most people. Some have passed away, and others are still living their legendary status.

Alabama-Channing Tatum

Rodin Eckenroth-Getty

If anyone remembers his time in Coach Carter, the initial Step-Up movie, and several of cameos, then it’s fair to say that he’s swiftly becoming one of the legendary actors. From comedy to drama, he’s proven that he’s fun to watch.

Alaska-Charles Melton

Amy Sussman-Getty

While he’s still on his way to becoming one of the legendary actors, Riverdale did wonders for his career. He’s one of those who people would agree is worth following.

Arizona-Emma Stone

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Emma Stone has done quite a bit in her career at this point. She’s proven that she can be funny, dramatic, and snarky enough to keep people on their toes.

Arkansas-Wes Bentley

Derek White-Getty

Some actors simply look like villains, don’t they? Wes has portrayed several characters, but his time in the American Horror Story series is one of his most memorable.

California-Leonardo DiCaprio

Frazer Harrison-Getty

There are so many actors born and raised in California that it’s tough to agree on one. But Leo has come a long way since What’s Eating Gilbert Grape and has made his mark as one of the legendary actors.

Colorado-Tim Allen

Frazer Harrison-Getty

If you missed it, Tim made it a point to reference his home state in the show Last Man Standing. Apart from that, he’s one of the most interesting actors to portray Santa Claus in a long time.

Connecticut-Justin Long

Michael Loccisano-Getty

He’s been around longer than some people realize, but one of his breakout roles in Jeepers Creepers made him a known man. His time in Accepted was fun, but pairing him with Bruce Willis in a Die Hard movie was kind of odd.

Delaware-Aubrey Plaza

Dia Dipasupil-Getty

Yes, Delaware does claim several actors, and Plaza is one of those that’s tough to dislike. Her deadpan humor in Parks and Rec is classic.

Florida-Wesley Snipes

David Livingston-Getty

His star was on the rise for a while, but it flared out for a bit when the IRS came calling. His time as Blade though is still one of his hallmarks, and New Jack City is a good memory for 90s fans.

Georgia-Laurence Fishburne

Monica Schipper-Getty

Yeah, he became great in the Matrix movies, but stuff like Boyz N The Hood and his short role in Nightmare on Elm Street 3 also made his career. These days, it’s easy to remember him as the wise man who seeks to guide people.

Hawaii-Jason Momoa

Amy Sussman-Getty

Some people like him, others can’t stand him, but like always you get to make up your own mind. He did bring a new look to Aquaman.

Idaho-Aaron Paul

Phillip Faraone-Getty Images

Breaking Bad is where he really came into his own, and since then he’s been coasting. If he’s remembered as Jesse for the rest of his career, so be it.

Illinois-Betty White

Frederick M. Brown-Getty

Betty White was one of those actors who made it possible for other legendary actors to rise. She, along with several others in her era, raised the bar just enough to make it worth reaching for.

Indiana-James Dean

Marsaili McGrath-Getty

Some actors went out too soon, and most fans would agree. It’s interesting to think of what the Rebel Without a Cause actor might have done later in life.

Iowa-Ashton Kutcher

Jerod Harris-Getty

A lot of people still remember Ashton for Punk’d or possibly his relationship with Demi Moore. But it’s likely better to remember him for such movies as The Butterfly Effect.

Kansas-Dennis Hopper

Charley Gallay-Getty

As one of the legendary actors, Dennis Hopper had a great career when he was younger. Before passing away though, he was still a favorite.

Kentucky-Johnny Depp

Tim P. Whitby-Getty

It’s quite likely that Depp will be remembered most for his role as Captain Jack Sparrow. But if anyone recalls, he was a big part of the original 21 Jump Street.

Louisiana-Jared Leto

Matt Winkelmeyer-Getty

He’s not for everyone at times, but he’s still a great actor. Leto’s Joker wasn’t the best but a lot of roles he’s played have been nothing short of stellar.

Maine-Anna Kendrick

Matt Winkelmeyer-Getty

Pitch Perfect, Twilight, Trolls, there are a few movies that she’s been great in. You might remember that she was in The Accountant as well.

Maryland-Penn Badgley

Dia Dipasupil-Getty

The Stepfather is a movie that many will recall on this actor’s resume since it was kind of an oddball movie. But it’s memorable, that’s the point.

Massachusetts-Mark Wahlberg

Monica Schipper-Getty

Remember Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch? A lot of people don’t at this point, but they do recall his time spent as one tough guy or another.

Michigan-Terry Crews

Kevin Winter-Getty

Watching Terry do the robot on screen is all kinds of amusing. But watching him as an action star is even better.

Minnesota-Judy Garland

Brad Barket-Getty

It’s kind of surprising to find out that the woman who portrayed Dorothy had such a tortured life. But she made a lot of people believe in something over the rainbow.

Mississippi-James Earl Jones

Jemal Countess-Getty

The voice of Darth Vader was the same that gave rise to Mufasa in The Lion King. Not only that, but his roles in Field of Dreams and The Sandlot made it clear that he’s extremely versatile.

Missouri-Evan Peters

Amy Sussman-Getty

The AHS veteran and Quicksilver from the X-Men is easy to rely on for a few good laughs and a great performance. If he’s not legendary yet, he will be.

Montana-Gary Cooper

Frederick M. Brown-Getty

One of the truly legendary actors, he’s been in movies such as High Noon, Mr. Deeds Goes to Town and many others. He’s another actor who paved the way.

Nebraska-Marlon Brando

Brenda Chase-Getty

The Godfather was by far one of the best actors in the business. Not only that, but he gave us some of the greatest lines that fans still repeat.

Nevada-Daveigh Chase

Jordan Strauss-Getty

From Donnie Darko to The Ring and other movies, this actor has made a mark in a big way. It’s fair to say that even Lilo & Stitch was a high point.

New Hampshire-Adam Sandler

Alberto E. Rodriguez-Getty

While he’s been a big man-child for a long time, he’s matured quite a bit over the years. But Billy Madison, 50 First Dates, and of course, Happy Gilmore will always be legendary.

New Jersey-Meryl Streep

Amy Sussman-Getty

She’s a bit of a diva, well, a big diva, but she owns it and her skill level makes it possible to respect her. Like her or not, she is legendary.

New Mexico-Neil Patrick Harris

Frazer Harrison-Getty

Does anyone still remember the original teen doctor? Sure, he went on to be a big star in Starship Troopers and How I Met Your Mother, but his start was quite interesting.

New York-Tom Cruise

Bryan Bedder-Getty

Geez, which movies aren’t famous when he’s involved? Okay, there have been a few, but some of the best and most memorable are Jerry Maguire, Top Gun, and of course the Mission: Impossible movies.

North Carolina-Zach Galifianakis

Matt Winkelmeyer-Getty

He’s unconventional, that’s certain. But the Hangover movies and Due Date make it clear that this doesn’t matter.

North Dakota-Leslie Bibb

Dia Dipasupil-Getty

She’s been a fun actress to watch since her time in Iron Man, Law Abiding Citizen, and other movies have made it clear that she can do campy parts. But she’s also great as a character that people fully enjoy.

Ohio-Halle Berry

Kamil Krzaczynski-Getty

Her appearance in the third John Wick movie was well-received, but everything she’s done up to this point, even Catwoman, is regarded fondly by fans. She can do no wrong in the eyes of some.

Oklahoma-Brad Pitt

Presley Ann-Getty

Here’s another legendary actor who has rarely ever done a horrible movie. His classics, such as Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Seven, and even Snatch make it clear that he’s one of the greats.

Oregon-Ty Burrell

Araya Doheny-Getty

What’s funny about this actor is that he’s played a lovable and goofy dad on TV. But he’s also played a despicable character in the Dawn of the Dead remake.

Pennsylvania-Will Smith

Jason Merritt-Getty

Lately his career has had a few ups and downs, but his greatness is still in the archives. His roles in Bad Boys, the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, and Independence Day have made him a great actor.

Rhode Island-Viola Davis

Leon Bennett-Getty

Some think that the Woman King is still a great movie, but The Help was a powerful addition to her resume. She’s become the type of woman that many will call on when they need a woman that can get the job done.

SouthTherolina-Chris Rock

Jamie McCarthy-Getty

His role in New Jack City back in the day is far different from the type of stuff he does now. He’s even starred in a Lethal Weapon movie, so you can easily see how he’s evolved.

South Dakota-January Jones

Tim P. Whitby-Getty

It does feel as though she gets looked over way too often. Her time in American Wedding and X-Men: First Class, was kind of interesting.

Tennessee-Morgan Freeman

Corine Solberg-Getty

Does anything really need to be said when it comes to this man? His narration is enough to lull people into a state of calm they don’t want to leave.

Texas-Woody Harrelson

Kate Green-Getty

Cheers is where he really started coming into his own. But White Men Can’t Jump, Natural Born Killers, and Zombieland made him even better in the eyes of the fans.

Utah-Patrick Fugit

Jon Kopaloff-Getty

He might not appear to be on the same tier as many people on this list, but he’s still earned his spot. Almost Famous was easily one of his best performances.

Vermont-Damon Wayans Jr.

Charley Gallay-Getty

His acting chops aren’t quite the same as his fat still someone fun to watch. And he did create a good character in Big Hero 6.

Virginia-Rob Lowe

Tom Cooper-Getty

The Outsiders was a great movie back in the day, and his part in Parks and Rec was fun. But does anyone remember that he played the deaf/mute, Nick, in The Stand miniseries back in the 90s?

Washington-Dove Cameron

Emma McIntyre-Getty

Her roles in Shameless and Descendants were kind of opposite as can be. But it does show that she knows how to switch gears when she has to.

West Virginia-Brad Dourif

Ilya S. Savenok-Getty

If you have to ask who he is, then you’ve never seen Child’s Play. He’s the ultimate creepy guy in the movies, and his voice is one of the most recognizable in the acting industry.

Wisconsin-Willem Dafoe

Mike Coppola-Getty

Ah yes, the Green Goblin himself. His parts in The Lighthouse, Spider-Man, and even John Wick make him one of the favored names on this list.

Wyoming-Pam Grier

Roy Rochlin-Getty

She’s been one of the most influential women in the movies for a long time. She’s badass, she’s beautiful, and having her in a movie just for a cameo is always a smart choice.


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