Last Minute Christmas Party Planning Tips

Even though Christmas is less than a week away, there are always those of us who still have a lot left to do. This is particularly true for those of us throwing a Christmas party. We spend more time focusing on the fact that we’re doing shopping for all the people who will be in attendance and we forget to actually plan out the details of the party. When throwing a Christmas party at the last minute – or just creating the actual menu and plan at the last minute – use these great tips to help make it look as if you spent months planning.

Cheat on the Menu

No one said you had to do all the cooking yourself for your Christmas party. So you want to serve holiday favorites such as turkey, ham and stuffing; order them. Your local deli, bakery, or other restaurants probably have the option for you to order individual dishes or even a full dinner that you can simply pick up, take home and arrange to make it look like you spent hours in the kitchen.

Create a Signature Drink

Your guests can drink what they want, of course, but if you want to avoid the need to produce dozens of different kinds of beverages for your guests, spotlight one signature drink and let that be that. People will think you were going for a personalized and chic beverage station and they’ll forget you don’t have what you want (and everyone has water on tap or in the fridge, so you’re good to go there). You can create a hot chocolate bar with all the trimmings, a Christmas fruit punch that’s so pretty everyone wants to drink it or anything else you want.

Soften the Lights

If you didn’t have time to clean the ceiling fan blades or touch up the dusty trim or even mop the floors before your guests arrive, try dimming the lights and using candles. Your guests will not realize that you haven’t actually done what you wanted to do because you’ve been so busy; they’ll just be impressed by the ambiance provided to them.

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