Three Things We Are Loving About Kate’s First Appearance After Baby

Kate’s first appearance after baby displayed the same style and charisma we have come to know and love.  Standing with her husband and newborn son, both who just happen to be a prince, she looked dazzling.  The media is eating her up but some common themes are emerging about what they loved the most about Kate’s first appearance after baby.

She looked gorgeous. Her makeup was perfect.  Her lovely brunette locks looked full of shine and volume.  She was dressed impeccably in a blue polka dot dress by Jenny Packham and wedge heels in a classy nude.  She looked absolutely lovely and managed to look both dressy but casual at the same time..  Her look was perfectly color coordinated with husband Will’s attire, who was wearing a blue button down with the sleeves rolled.

She showed her post-baby belly.  Women around the world love her for this.  She could have easily chosen a dress that would not have displayed her post- baby belly so evidently but she didn’t.  She allowed her body to look how almost every woman looks after giving birth, as if she was five months pregnant.  Although her beauty was as flawless as always, she was real about showing her true figure and has a more devoted fan base because of it.  Kate’s first appearance after baby was honest.

Her love for her son was shining.  From the way that she looked down at him to how radiant her smile was, there was no question that Kate was already deeply in love with her little one.  Her look of love she had as she gazed at her son is the same look of love other mothers have when they hold their newborn.  We can identify with that.  Kate’s first appearance after baby endeared her to hearts because of this.

Image Credit: Star Crush



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