Identity Thief Is A Movie You Need To See If You Enjoy Comedy

Identity Thief is a box office hit and there is no wonder.  It keeps you laughing from the beginning to the very end yet there is a heartwarming storyline beneath the comedy.  Identity Thief stars Jason Bateman as Sandy Patterson and Melissa McCarthy as Diana.

When Sandy Patterson gets a call telling him that someone attempted to steal his identity, he doesn’t hesitate to give out the requested information to the person on the other end of the line.  The person he believes is someone helping to protect his identity is actually stealing it- Diana.  Now that she has all of the information she needs, she can establish a whole new life for herself, in the name of Sandy Patterson.  Once that is complete, she starts living it up with a shopping extravaganza and evenings spent buying rounds at the bar.

On Sandy’s end, things are not going so well.  Finances are tight, his third child is on the way and his credit cards are being declined.  Finally, the truth comes to light that his identity has been stolen after the police arrest him on charges that Diana brought up in his name in another state.

Sandy soon discovers that cleaning up after an identity thief is no small matter.  His credit, reputation and a new job are all on the line.  The wait time for the police to clean this up could take years and that is time he doesn’t have.  He decides to go after Diana with the intent of bringing her back to confess what she has done so that his life can be put back to normal.

From his very first encounter with Diana, you will be laughing and waiting anxiously to see what happens next with this pair.  Sandy’s journey across the country with Diana is a wild road trip filled with problems and antics to keep you in stitches.  Put Identity Thief at the top of your must see movie list.



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