Hotel Transylvania Is A Great Choice For Movie Night With The Kids

Hotel Transylvania is a good choice for movie night with the kids.  This movie can be enjoyed by both the children and mom and dad.  It is funny yet has a touching story line that parents, especially fathers, will relate to.

Hotel Transylvania is an animated film that follows a dad and daughter as he begins to let go of her and allow her to spread her wings.  Dracula is the dad and his voice is provided by Adam Sandler.  The daughter is named Mavis and her voice is provided by Selena Gomez.

Dracula is the owner of Hotel Transylvania which is a hotel for monsters to come to when they need to get away.  He loves his daughter very much and like most fathers, is very protective of her.  He wants to keep her in the shelter of his protection and Mavis is anxious to experience the world.  Mavis is turning 118 and Dracula is having her a huge birthday party to celebrate.  This is also the age that Dracula promised she could start exploring the world and the humans that inhabit it.

But Dracula doesn’t let go so easily.  He has set up a mock town for Mavis to visit.  He has set it up to scare her so that she will stay under his protection and lose the desire to taste freedom.  While Dracula meets his goal of scaring Mavis back into seclusion, he has accidentally got the attention of a young human man named Jonathon who follows them back to Hotel Transylvania.  Jonathon was a complication Dracula wasn’t counting on.  The situation becomes very comical as Dracula and Jonathon go head to head over Mavis.  It seems as if there is more than one male who cares for Mavis.

Will Dracula be able to let go of Mavis and allow her the freedom to find love?  Watch Hotel Transylvania and find out.


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