Hosting the Perfect Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving is approaching in just a few short weeks, which means you might be planning on hosting a dinner in your own home. It’s the perfect time of year to gather your family and your friends in your home to celebrate the love and thankfulness you have for one another – and to finally break in that formal dining room set you and your family haven’t used in the six months since you bought it. A successful Thanksgiving dinner is not difficult to manage, provided you plan ahead.

Make a Menu

The most important thing on your Thanksgiving to-do list is your menu. You cannot do anything else until you have everything you need to host the perfect family dinner, so get started now. Make sure you list each the dishes you’ll serve and the ingredients that go in each dish so you are sure to have enough of everything on Thanksgiving morning, when grocery stores are closed and the cinnamon you forgot to purchase for the apple pie is needed.

Create Invitations

You can make this an evite or a phone call invitation or whatever you want, but you will need to invite your guests (can’t have a successful Thanksgiving dinner without those). You will also need to ask that each guests RSVPs at least one week before Thanksgiving so that you have plenty of time to create a seating chart and plan for your serving sizes and shopping trip.

Ask for Help

Your mom or grandmother or Great Aunt Sue will prove to be a great resource this Thanksgiving. By asking them for help in prepping the food on the morning of Thanksgiving or the night before, or just so that you can have that amazing stuffing your grandmother has been making all of your life, you will save yourself stress and time.


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