Hope Springs: A Movie To Make You Think About Your Own Marriage

Hope Springs is a great movie to watch with your sweetie this weekend.   It has a great cast that includes Tommy Lee Jones, Meryl Streep and Steve Carell.

Hope Springs is about a couple who has had the flame die down in their marriage.  Kay, played by Streep, decides it is time to reignite the love connection with her husband, Arnold, played by Jones.  Kay books them a week long intensive counseling session with a counselor that is known for high success rates of helping couples, Dr. Feld, played by Steve Carell.  Arnold is very unhappy when he finds out what Kay has done and claims to be happy in their current state of a deadened marriage that includes sleeping in separate rooms.  When Kay is insistent that she is going anyways, he decides to tag along.

Dr. Feld sets about helping them remember why they fell in love and helping them to reconnect by giving them exercises to do each day that involve lots of touching which Arnold is not interested in.  You will laugh as this couple attempts to reconnect.  You will cry at the pain that has grown in their hearts.  You will root for this couple to make it through and come out on the other side with their marriage in tact.  At times, you wonder if there is going to be a happy ending at all for Kay and Arnold but just hang in there.  This couple will surprise you with the fierceness of their love for one another.

Hope Springs is a great movie.  It will make you reexamine your own marriage and remember how you fell in love.  It makes you want to rekindle a little fire of your own.  Part comedy, part romance and part drama, Hope Springs offers something for every kind of movie lover.


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