Holiday Socializing Made Simple for Everyone

The holiday season brings about a myriad of holiday events. From cookie exchanges to parties and gatherings, it seems there’s always a holiday gathering this time of year and if you’re on the shy side, you’re probably panicking at all the socializing you’re expected to do. Not to worry shy friends, there are ways you can work any holiday party even though you think you’re too shy to succeed in this endeavor.

Bring a Friend

When you’re alone at a holiday event, it can make you feel even shier than you already are. Bring a friend with you to your event to help you relax and feel a little more at ease. Someone really interesting who can light up the room with conversation is a good idea because then you’ll be social by default.


You don’t have to speak to make yourself seem social. Sometimes the best way to work the room at holiday events is to simply smile and listen to what people have to say. Engaging in conversation is easy when you provide people with the opportunity to talk about something interesting simply by listening to what they have to say.

Ask Engaging Questions

If you’re really shy, don’t worry about conversing with people. All you have to do is ask engaging questions that require long-winded answers (no yes or no answers, please) that provide people with the opportunity to talk to you. You’ll eventually find something in common so that you can join the conversation with your own witty thoughts and ideas.

Find Someone to Talk To

Worst case scenario, you totally freeze and find it impossible to talk to people. Suddenly you can’t think of something interesting to ask or say. Use this old trick; find someone you know is newly engaged, about to get married or having a baby and track them down. It doesn’t take much thought to find about a dozen questions about weddings and babies, so you’ll spend some time socializing without fear.


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