Guy Makes a Boring Day Look Extreme by Using a GoPro


If you’re a fan of scrolling through Pinterest, as so many of us are, you have undoubtedly seen the statement that the difference between and ordeal and adventure is your attitude, and that cannot be more true in life. The situations in which we find ourselves on a regular basis are either exceptionally exciting or exceptionally unexciting, and it’s up to us to find the excitement and the fun in any situation. We can do that, right? Well, some of us can. Others don’t have that skill, and that’s what makes their lives a lot more boring than others. And for Daniel Williams, his life is quite boring, but he has a good attitude about it. He works as an office temp when he’s not making documentaries, and that means his life is a blur of copies, mail, scanning and trips to the bathroom at work. But what that also means is that he’s got to find a way to keep things interesting before he goes completely insane.

That’s why he used his super cool GoPro to create a video that makes his boring day look, well, boring. But it is hilarious to watch how he’s edited the mundane sameness of his days to make it look more exciting and more hilarious, and we are in love with the concept. He shows himself in the bathroom, how making copies can be dangerous, how talking on the phone can make your day. Essentially, he shows us that his life is quite boring. But he also shows us that his life is only as boring as he lets it be, and that’s not that boring. He’s made it his mission to have a positive attitude about things.

“I started to think about GoPro commercials and how in all the commercials it’s people skydiving or rock climbing, etc. When in reality most of the people who own a GoPro have everyday, normal boring lives,” said Williams about his desire to show off the everyday, normal and boring lives that people live. Watch to see what a great job he’s done.

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