20 Greatest All-Around Actors

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The 20 greatest all-around actors are those who can do just about anything. From drama to comedy, they’re proven thespians.

Al Pacino

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He hasn’t done a ton of comedy roles, but as one of the all-around actors, he’s created a lot of different roles that blend one trope with another. Plus, he’s just fun to watch.

Leonardo DiCaprio

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Watch What’s Eating Gilbert Grape and then watch something he’s done recently. You’ll see that Leo is one of the best all-around actors in Hollywood.

Tom Hanks

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It’s easy to think that he invented or perhaps pioneered this type of acting since he’s been in just about every type of movie you can think of. Like him or not, Tom Hanks is the type of actor who can take on multiple roles.

Johnny Depp

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Initially, he might have never made this list since back in the day he was more of a heartthrob. But as he aged, Depp’s career changed in a big way, thankfully.

Robert Downey Jr.

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If anything this man should be called the Comeback King thanks to his massive turnaround. True, he was slowly coming back before Iron Man, but after that it all became impressive.

Anthony Hopkins

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Seeing him in a Transformers movie was, well, odd. But it doesn’t come close to diminishing everything he’s done over the years.

Meryl Streep

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Whether you like her or not, Meryl Streep is one of the greats. She’s also managed to create a lot of characters that range from tragic to morbidly funny.

Harrison Ford

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Han Solo. Indiana Jones, and so many more. This is one guy who will be remembered in many different ways when he’s gone.

Michael Caine

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It’s fair to say that this man has more films under his belt than many people remember. Not only that but he’s run through every emotion a person can feel on screen while entertaining the masses.

Denzel Washington

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Indeed, he leans more to the dramatic, but it’s what he injects into each character that makes him great. Denzel has made people laugh, cry, and cheer throughout the length of his career.

Morgan Freeman

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Is there a list he’s not on? Well, you can probably think of a few, but the chances are that Mr. Freeman is just a great all-around person.

Daniel Day-Lewis

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His connection to a role is so great that it’s fair to say that he’s one of the best, if not the best, method actors in Hollywood. His retirement was a sad day, to be honest.

Cicely Tyson

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Who remembers her as Stefanie St. Clair in Hoodlum? How about her role in The Help? Green Fried Tomatoes? No matter where she showed up, she’s been great.

Raul Julia


There was something about Raul that captivated many audiences, but it’s hard to pin down. His passion for the craft was one thing that was notable though.

Kurt Russell

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How many different faces has this man worn throughout his career? He’s done funny, serious, and somewhere in between, and it’s always been great.

Angela Bassett

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Regal is a great word to affix to this actress since she brings a presence that’s not hard to notice. But she does know how to cater to the crowd, which is part of what makes her great.

Frances McDormand

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Fargo, that’s all I’ll say to start with. After that, 3 Billboards Outside Ebbings Missouri is another great example of what this woman can do.

Alan Rickman

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Who would have thought the man playing Hans Gruber in Die Hard would one day become Professor Snape? Despite his greatness as a villain, Rickman is remembered as a beloved actor by many.

Emma Thompson


Think about this really hard, since she’s likely shown up in more movies than you realize. It’s easy to see her in some instances, but in others, she’s like a chameleon.

Tilda Swinton


Again, she’s kind of obvious in some movies, but in others, it’s tough to see that it’s her. But what’s really great is how she changes from character to character.


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