25 Great Songs for a High-Intensity Workout


There are more than 25 songs for a high-intensity workout that can get you pumped and ready to keep going for a while. When a song can get your blood thrumming it’s a rush for certain.

Jai Ho! (You Are My Destiny)-A.R. Rahman ft. Nichole Scherzinger


From the movie Slumdog Millionaire, this song has the right kind of tempo to keep your blood coursing. It also changes tempo at some point, which helps to switch gears.

Livin’ On the Edge-Aerosmith


Aerosmith is one of the several bands that has been around for a long time. Not every song is a hit, but this one is great since it changes in intensity.

Let ‘Em Fight-Ali & Big Gipp


Chosen to play on the soundtrack to the remake of The Longest Yard, this song is kind of buried in the movie. But listening to it on its own one can’t help but get pumped as the lyrics start to shred.

Origins-Jaroslav Beck & Jan Illavsky (ft. Mutrix)


The VR game known as Beat Saber is bound to gain some criticism since it is kind of a kid’s game. But some of the tracks are powerful enough to keep a person going for a while.

House of the Rising Sun-Five Finger Death Punch


There have been a few different versions of this song, from The Animals to Sons of Anarchy. But FFDP took a slightly different direction and made something amusing and powerful.

Hold Your Head Up-Argent


You don’t hear this song that often anymore. But the main beat is forceful enough that one can’t help but work a little harder when they hear it.



AC/DC has always been a great band to work out with since their sound is so powerful. On top of that, the growling voice of the lead singer is enough to keep someone on edge in the best of ways.



This is kind of an odd song to think about at first, but the subtle feeling it gives, followed by the powerful blasts that step in, is masterful. It’s enough to keep someone going when they’re ready to flag.

Don’t Let Me Fall-B.o.B


This is a softer song to be certain, but it’s still one of the great songs to work out to since it keeps a steady pace. Not only that, but a lot of songs can’t soothe your nerves while you’re working out.

Playground-Bea Miller


There are a few songs from the Arcane soundtrack that are worth mentioning, but this is one of the most prevalent. Also, it’s one of those that carries an insidious sound that almost demands that someone keep going.

War Pigs-Black Sabbath


Something about Black Sabbath touched a lot of people. There’s a good reason why this song is used in several movies.

Crazy Train-Ozzy Osbourne

Matt Winkelmeyer-Getty

This song is still played in everything from commercials to TV to movies. It’s a classic song and one that can keep your blood up for a few minutes or longer.

Blaze of Glory-Bon Jovi

Alexandre Schneider-Getty

Back in the day when Young Guns was still a big deal, this song was absolute gold. Now it’s still a great song to hear on the radio, and it’s good enough to keep a person’s heart pumping.

Deliverance-Bubba Sparxxx

Sara Kauss-Getty

Not everyone will agree, but something about this song is addictive since from the opening chords to the end, it’s fun to listen to. Plus, it doesn’t give a sense of urgency, but it does deliver a sense of purpose.

Break Ya Neck-Busta Rhymes

Neilson Barnard-Getty

A few decades ago Busta Rhymes was an absolute icon. He’s still well-known by many today, but some of his best songs could keep a person going for a while.


Monica Schipper-Getty

Since he came on the scene Eminem has been managing to get the attention of his fans. But some songs hit harder and are great for working up a sweat.

Block Rockin’ Beats-The Chemical Brothers


Having been around for a while, this song has graced many gyms from high schools to public membership spaces. But while it’s one of the more well-known songs, it’s also one of the more effective ones as well.



This band has managed to land on the list of one-hit wonders, but this hit was one of the best of its time since many didn’t get the point, but they liked the beat. It was a catchy tune.

Zombie-The Cranberries


This is such an iconic track that calling it one of the great songs of its time is an understatement. It does feel kind of slow as a workout song, but its power is great enough to work for such a purpose.

Conteo-Don Omar


Any song that’s picked for the Fast and Furious soundtrack has to be meaningful, hard, or both. This one is one that goes hard.

Bodies-Drowning Pool


This song might take your breath away if you try to sing along. But then again, the song is called ‘bodies’.

Cryin’ Like a B***h!-Godsmack


The UFC footage in this music video is enough to get a person going if the song isn’t quite enough. Plus, the lyrics are dope as hell.

Body Crumbles-Dry Cell


This band was accused of sounding too much like Linkin Park a time or two. But their one big hit, which was featured in a Madden game, was cool enough to get them some attention.

New Way to Bleed-Evanescence


This band has gone up and down over the years, but they’re still a big hit since the lead singer, Amy Lee, has a voice that can enchant just about anyone. Apart from that, their tracks are usually good for working out or cooling down.

The Sky is a Neighborhood-Foo Fighters


After having finally seen the Foo Fighters in concert there’s no doubt of the effect they have on people. Their music isn’t all hard, but the songs that are getting the blood pumping.


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