Friends With Kids Is A Movie You Want To Watch For A Date Night

Friends With Kids is a movie that has all the best elements in it.  It will make you laugh, it will make you cry, it will make you laugh until you cry and best of all, your husband will even enjoy it.  Friends With Kids is a true chick flick but has enough comedy to keep your guy happy.

Friends With Kids is the story of two single professionals, Jason and Julie, who make a unique decision after watching their friends marriages border on collapse  after having children.  Jason and Julie decide they will sidestep all the pitfalls with adding children to a romantic relationship by having a child together, no feelings involved.

After all, they think, why couldn’t it work?  They have been friends for years and know each other very well.  They can talk about anything.  How could adding a baby to the mix be a problem with such an even, platonic relationship?  With those thoughts in mind they dive in with the agreement that they will raise this child with a fifty-fifty contribution from each.

All seems to be going amazingly well for Jason and Julie.  Little Joe arrives and they muddle through the difficult newborn days.  Their friendship remains much the same as they dive back out in the dating pool.  But yet, there are signs things have somehow changed the dynamic between them.

As they navigate sharing a child and juggling their love lives you see that there are feelings brewing beneath the surface.  When one of the twosome takes a brave step to show their feelings you will find that your heart is in your throat as you wait to see what happens.

Friends With Kids will keep you guessing up to the very last-minute as to if he gets the girl or not in this fabulous movie.


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