Four Chick Flicks You Must Track Down If You Have Missed

I have a chick flick addiction.  I freely admit this and am quite proud of this.  And I am going to use this expertise to tell you some movies that you may have missed in the last decade that you simply must rent or buy if you haven’t seen them.  Now, to be a good chick flick, it has to meet several of my qualifications.  It has to make me laugh, it has to at least bring tears to my eyes, it has to be touching and the guy absolutely has to get the girl.

Sweet Home Alabama is the story of a southern girl who tried to forget her roots only to find out that she hasn’t changed so much after all, and neither has her heart.  She is still madly in love with her soon to be ex-husband.  Starring Reese Witherspoon and Josh Lucas.

Knocked Up is a chick flick about a girl who has her head on straight except for that one night stand with a guy who hasn’t grown up yet.  When she finds herself pregnant they decide to try to make a go of it.  Starring Katherine Heigl and Seth Rogen.

Life As We Know It is another chick flick with Katherine Heigl.  Josh Duhamel is also in this film.  They play Holly and Eric who are best friends to a couple but they do not like each other.  When the couple dies unexpectedly, they inherit their baby.  They have to learn to work together for Sophie and find they learn to like each other more than a little along the way.

The Notebook is the ultimate chick flick.  Set in the 1940s when romance and style were abounding, this is the story of a girl falling in love with a guy from the wrong side of the tracks.  Their love is one that can span time, distance, family resistance and more.

These chick flicks are must see movies.



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