For A Movie The Guys Will Love, Rent Lawless This Weekend

Lawless is a film your guy will more than likely enjoy.  This is a movie based on a true story.  Set in the prohibition-era in Virginia it chronicles the Bondurant brothers, Jack, Howard and Forrest and their adventures in making moonshine and marketing it.

Their moonshine business is profitable and very successful.  Things are going well for them and even the local sheriff is a frequent customer.  But when a higher up division of law enforcement comes into the county, things start going downhill very quickly.  What quickly comes about when the Bondurant brothers refuse to give in to intimidation tactics to make them give a portion of their proceeds can only be called a bloody battle.  There are gangsters and many different fights.  Some of them make you wonder how the brothers ever lived through them, but according to actual history, they surely did.  This was a terrible time in history that was truly Lawless.

Forrest was considered to be invincible because of the fact he lived through having his throat slit and many bullet wounds.  His stoic personality matched the temper of his brother, Howard and the heart of his brother, Jack.  The brothers were unique but had a devotion to one another that made them stick together through the hard times.

As for us girls, we will enjoy some of the parts of Lawless, as well.  For one thing, Tom Hardy stars as Forrest and you will love this character.  Shia LaBeouf stars as Jack.  Both of them do a wonderful job in their acting and you will enjoy the love stoy lines that both Forrest and Jack have.  Forrest is stoic and plays the man’s man and Jack has such a tender heart for the girl that has caught his eye and his heart.

Lawless is worth the watch and your guy will thank you for it.


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