Five Things You Didn’t Know about Jason Collins


Jason Collins made headlines for coming out as the first gay pro basketball player when he announced it in Sports Illustrated a earlier this year.  While he’s not necessarily an NBA superstar, his announcement shocked the world.  And now that he’s become a huge face in media we wanted to dive in a little deeper.  Here are a few things you didn’t already know about the pro hoops player.

He was Engaged

Four years before his coming out, he was engaged to a woman. He called off the wedding about a month before the big day, not providing his then-fiance with the real reason he didn’t want to get married. She found out along with the rest of the world why her ex called off their big day.

He’s a Twin

Jason Collins is a tall guy, and he’s a twin. His twin brother’s name is Jarron.  Both brothers are very close to one another, as many twins are. Growing up as built-in best friends is a relationship that tends to stick. Jarron was also a pro basketball player.

He’s Partnered with Marriott

In honor of gay pride month, the hotel brand has invited members of the LGBT, Collins included, to stay at their properties and have a photo shoot with a well-known photographer. Collins decided to participate in the event because he appreciates Marriott’s decision to make all guests feel welcome in their hotels.

He Never Dated

Even for a strapping, handsome basketball player with everything for him, dating was difficult. Before and after his announcement, the good-looking basketball star was too afraid to date because he didn’t know how to do it. Now he’s getting more comfortable in the dating scene.

He’s Educated

He went to Harvard-Westlake and Stanford,. He’s got an impressive track record with school and made a good career for himself with basketball, though he does have an impressive college degree he can fall back on.

(Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images for GLSEN)


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