Chasing Mavericks: A Great Movie With Some Heart And Soul

Chasing Mavericks is a wonderful movie about two surfers and is based on the true story of Jay Moriarity.  In Chasing Mavericks, the older surfer is Frosty, played by Gerald Butler.  He is a family man with a love for surfing.  The younger surfer is Jay, played by Jonny Weston.  Jay has had a rough start to life.  His dad left his mom when he was a child and he is carrying lifelong scars from the incident.  His mom is not coping well with what life has handed her.  She has trouble keeping a job and has a drinking problem.  Jay ends up being more of a parent to his mom than she is to him.

Frosty and Jay bond over their love of surfing.  Jay is far too daresome for Frosty’s taste and though he recognizes Jay’s talent, he worries about his lack of fear.  So Frosty begins to mentor him to teach him how to tame the wildest of all surfs, the great Maverick waves.  Frosty is a very intelligent teacher but is also very hard on Jay and expects near perfection out of him.  Jay struggles to measure up to what Frosty expects from him.

Meanwhile, Frosty is carrying some wounds of his own and is doing his best to learn to be a family man.  He doesn’t feel equipped to be the father role figure that Jay is looking for in him.  But despite their very human failings, these two surfers bond deeply and go on to face situations in their lives where they deeply need the support of the other’s friendship.

Chasing Mavericks is a wonderful, heartfelt film that will make you feel many emotions, most of all, admiration for those that love the sport of surfing.  Rent Chasing Mavericks and watch it with your family tonight.

Image Credit: AMC Theaters


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