10 Celebrities Who Started Out On The Mickey Mouse Club


Can you guess the 10 celebrities who started out on the Mickey Mouse Club? A couple are kind of surprising honestly.



Before her role in Spider-Man and everything that’s come after, she was a rising star on the show. Obviously it was a great way to start a career.

Demi Lovato


No matter what happened in Demi’s life in the recent past, she did have a fun start along with several other performers. The MMC made it possible for a lot of people to get a headstart in show business.

Britney Spears


Back when her innocence was never in question, Britney was one of the girls who knew how to dance. Her singing voice wasn’t bad either at that time.

Christina Aguilera


She wasn’t just another cute face on the Mickey Mouse Club. Her voice has been great since she was young, without a doubt.

Justin Timberlake


This guy was a star before he was able to shave since his voice was on point even back then. He’s done well for himself ever since.

Ryan Gosling


Strangely enough, he didn’t get a lot of screen time while serving as part of the Mickey Mouse Club. But he’s a megastar now, so meh.

Keri Russell


Yep, the Felicity star was, once upon a time, a Mouseketeer. Even back then she had a great deal of charisma.

Selena Gomez


One thing you can honestly say is that the club did produce a lot of talented singers. But Selena is one of those that many people have elevated without remembering how she got started.

Miley Cyrus


Hannah Montana is one of the most recognized characters that Miley played. As of now, she’s tried to distance herself from a lot of that.

Hilary Duff


At one point in time, Duff was the picture of innocence, especially when she started out. She’s still a person people look up to in this era as well.


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