Baby Names That Were Inspired by Celebrities or Movie Characters


It’s becoming increasingly common to hear people introduce their new babies using baby names that were clearly inspired by celebrities. So long as those names are inspired by the celebrities names themselves and not their children’s names (Pilot Inspektor, anyone?). When someone is in the press day after day, hearing their name so often can inspire you to use the name when you have little ones of your own. Read on to find out which 12 popular baby names are the most celebrity-inspired.



Oh Jennifer, your team clearly has more people on it than Angelina’s team, which is why so many people are choosing to name their children Aniston. My only question is this; is it a girl’s name or a boy’s name?  Image source



Obviously this one comes from Witherspoon herself. Before Reese Witherspoon popped onto the scene with her gorgeous smile and down-to-earth personality, it was just a piece of candy that no one used as name inspiration for their children. Now it’s one of the most popular baby names around for both girls and boys.  Image source




Who would have thought that this old-fashioned named would make a comeback thanks to Mrs. Clinton herself. Perhaps her strong personality and sense of business inspire parents to want to name their children something just as strong (plus, Condoleeza is a mouth-full).  Image source



All right, who is naming their child after a Slytherin? Seriously; a Slytherin? Sure, the kid who plays Draco Malfoy in the ever popular Harry Potter series is absolutely adorable, but let’s not get carried away. He’s a Slytherin and he’s not very nice.  Image source



While I wouldn’t personally choose this name for any child of my own, I will say that it’s an interesting choice and far better than Draco. Sirius, after all, is Harry Potter’s Godfather and he was in Gryffindor.  Image source



New Orleans Saints Quarterback Drew Brees made a big splash when he and his wife decided to name their son Bowen. It stuck. People love it and now it’s one of the most popular names around.  Image source



The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is now a household name. Literally; Rooney Mara isn’t just an actress whose name people know. She’s actually the inspiration behind the name many are choosing for their own offspring.  Image source



Perhaps it’s the fact that women love Orlando Bloom or that they want to be Miranda Kerr, but since that’s not going to happen they’re just naming their kids after their son, Flynn. It’s a cute name. Even if it automatically makes me think of Flynn Rider from the newest version of Rapunzel.  Image source



Halle Berry’s name for her daughter is one that has inspired many women to choose the same name. It has a lovely ring to it and it’s just a pretty name. There’s nothing else to say about it; she chose a good name and people like it. Image source



Inspired by the lovely and always beautiful Brigitte Bardot, this name is one that’s making a big comeback. While Brigitte is a name that hasn’t made an inspiring appearance, Bardot is more common than ever.  Image source



Thanks again to Reese Witherspoon for naming her daughter Ava and inspiring millions of parents to name their own child Ava (my husband and I included, though we had no idea it was inspired by the actress when we chose it). It’s a strong, beautiful, feminine name perfect for a little girl.  Image source



I’ll give you one guess who inspired this name. If you’re not right on the first guess, you’re not allowed to play the game anymore. The opinionated, lovely singer with the voice that no one can emulate and everyone wishes they had has inspired parents to use her name for their own children. Perhaps these parents think that their kids will be good singers with a name like Adele?  Image source


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