Another Channing Tatum Movie Out On DVD: 10 Years

10 years is the story of a 10 year high school reunion.  It has a lot of little plot lines but there is one that really sticks out and centers around a couple named Jake and Jess.  Jake and Jess are played by Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan.  Jenna is Jake’s long time girlfriend who accompanies him to his high school reunion.  Jake cares for her deeply but something is holding him back from proposing.  That something is an unfinished story with Mary, his high school sweetheart who he still has feelings for, even after 10 years.

When Mary shows up after saying she wouldn’t, sparks begin to fly between Jake and Mary.  There is a history there and lots of chemistry.  But Mary is now married and Jake loves Jess.  Throughout the different phases of the reunion, Jake and Mary keep finding moments to talk and reminisce.  As the night goes on, Jess goes on back to the hotel to nurse hurt feelings and give Jake the space she feels he needs and Mary’s husband also makes a quick exit.  Jake and Mary find themselves alone and dancing the dance they never got to have at their prom.  They both find the closure they need and are able to return to the one their heart already belongs to.

There are also tons of laughs to be had in 10 years.  There are several mini plots that follow different storylines, many of them humorous.  One such storyline is the story of Jake’s friend Cully and his wife, Sam who becomes friends with Jess.  Cully was the overconfident guy in high school who petty much bullied everyone.  He is now out to amend all of those broken relationships which proves to be difficult when you mix in the large quantity of alcohol that he chooses to add to the reunion of 10 years.

This movie gives a lot of laughs and a lot of heart, as well.  Rent 10 years and enjoy it for yourself.


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