A Book Review: Safe Haven By Nicholas Sparks

If you have ever read a Nicholas Sparks novel you know how he can intricately weave together a bittersweet love story.  Safe Haven flows in the same vein as his other novels and will not disappoint you.

Safe Haven is the story of Katie and Alex set against the background of a North Carolina Beach as so many of his stories are.   You can just picture the waves in the background and feel the balmy ocean air.

Katie is on the run from her past.  With a history that has left scars on her both body and soul she is looking for solace and solitude, her own safe haven.  What she isn’t looking for is any kind of relationships to get in the way of her forming her new quiet life.  Somehow, they find her anyways in the form of a friendship with a lady named Jo and a budding romance with a man named Alex.

Jo is a forthright next door neighbor who makes herself at home in Katie’s life.  She is determined to be Katie’s friend and Katie can’t help allowing her to, in spite of herself.  Alex is a widowed father, raising two young children that pull at Katie’s heartstrings.

But there is more at play here than meets the eye.  Katie is constantly looking over her shoulder and afraid of the danger she might bring to anyone she cares about.  Reluctant to care about others, Alex must work hard to get past her defenses.

When Katie finally relaxes into a normal life, fate plays a cruel trick and the tables turn again on Katie.  Will she recover?  Can she spare those she has grown to love?

With a surprise ending there is no way you will see coming, you will be giving copies of Safe Haven to all your romance loving friends.



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