5 Fantasy Movie Valentines


Happy Valentine’s day ladies!  In celebration of the day we figured we’d provide a fun list of fictional movie valentines that would make the day amazing!

1. Noah Calhoun – The Notebook (2004) – Ryan Gosling

Noah is, without a doubt, every woman’s dream man. Passionate, loving, and eager to fight for what he wants (i.e. YOU), Noah is the epitome of a do-anything-for-love gentleman. He provides his love with a sense of freedom, opening her up to new experiences and joyful, fun-filled days infused with passion and laughter.

2. Matt Kowalski – Gravity (2013) – George Clooney

A George Clooney character had to be on this list somewhere. Matt Kowalski wins viewers hearts from the moment he begins talking with the movie’s opening. Sharp, funny, protective, and adventurous – Matt is the guy who would take you bungee jumping or sky diving. He literally carries/pulls Sandra Bullock on his back and is the guy that is there for you and steps up in a tough situation. Plus he looks like Goerge Clooney.

3. Will Hunting – Good Will Hunting (1997) – Matt Damon

Will is brilliant, witty-sarcastic, rugged, and has that wrong-side-of-the-tracks appeal. Once he begins coping with some of his emotional baggage, his heart is truly open for girlfriend Skylar. Will’s love story displays how meeting his soul mate can opens up a man’s mind and heart. Plus, he’s gorgeous, with his floppy 90’s style dark blonde hair and blue eyes. How ’bout them apples?

4. Johnny Castle – Dirty Dancing (1987) – Patrick Swayze

Has there ever been a more awesome dancer on the planet? Johnny will make you feel beyond beautiful and like a goddess on your dinner and dancing date.   You should ask him to wear that tight black t-shirt and black pants on your date.

5. Tom Hansen- 500 Days (of Summer) – Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Sweet and soulful, Tom is dedicated and loving. He will make you feel like the most loved woman on the planet while introducing you to cool, quirky music and taking you on playful, unique dates to places like IKEA. Pensive and humble, Tom is the handsome, shy guy who falls hard and treats you like a queen.

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