15 Trailblazing Actresses Who Defined Hollywood in the 1970s

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The 1970s was a pivotal period for women in Hollywood. It was marked by a new generation of talented actresses who broke barriers and captured the hearts of audiences. This era of bold and unconventional women revolutionized the film industry, bringing depth and originality to their performances. Join us as we celebrate 15 of the most beloved actresses of the 1970s.

Farrah Fawcett

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Farrah’s feisty and flirtatious persona made her a cultural phenomenon, transcending her “Charlie’s Angels” fame. She remains an iconic sex symbol and pop culture icon. Farrah’s iconic red swimsuit poster became one of the best-selling posters ever.

Jane Fonda

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A rebel with a cause, Jane’s activism and Oscar-winning performances (“Klute,” “Coming Home”) cemented her status as a Hollywood idol and social justice champion. Jane Fonda’s workout videos also revolutionized the fitness industry and remain influential today.

Barbra Streisand

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A trailblazing singer-actress, Barbra’s powerful voice and captivating performances of “What’s Up, Doc?” and “A Star is Born” broke glass ceilings. Barbra Streisand’s status as the only artist to have achieved number-one albums in six consecutive decades is noteworthy.

Jacqueline Bisset

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With a career spanning over 50 years, Jacqueline’s versatility and range have made her a beloved and enduring presence on screen. Beyond the glamour she brought to films like “The Deep,” Bisset tackled challenging characters that showcased her dramatic depth.


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A siren of the 70s, Ann-Margret’s sultry performances in “Carnal Knowledge” and “Tommy” and fiery personality carved out her place as a sex symbol and Hollywood legend. Ann-Margret’s electrifying stage presence also earned her multiple Grammy nominations for her music career.


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Cher’s fearlessness and wit have propelled her from pop paragon to Oscar-winning actress, defying expectations at every turn. Cher’s distinctive contralto voice has garnered numerous prestigious music awards, such as a Grammy.

Jodie Foster

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From child star to Oscar-winning director, Jodie’s intelligence and tenacity have guided her remarkable career, tackling complex roles in “Taxi Driver,” and “The Accused” with finesse. Jodie Foster’s directorial debut, “Little Man Tate,” showcased her talent behind the camera and brought critical acclaim.

Sigourney Weaver

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Sigourney Weaver’s portrayal of Ellen Ripley in the “Alien” franchise has set a standard for strong, independent female characters in film. She wasn’t afraid to tackle physically demanding roles and brought intelligence and vulnerability to her characters, proving that heroes in science fiction could be complex and relatable.

Goldie Hawn

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Her infectious energy isn’t just what makes her a radiant comedienne; it’s the driving force behind her enduring popularity. Her films like “Cactus Flower” and “There’s a Girl in My Soup” brim with warmth and humor. Goldie Hawn’s philanthropic efforts in children’s education through her foundation MindUP have impacted countless lives.

Diane Keaton

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Diane Keaton’s mastery of inhabiting entirely different characters has consistently impressed audiences and critics alike. Diane Keaton’s signature style, often featuring menswear-inspired fashion, has influenced generations of women in the industry and beyond.

Sissy Spacek

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A Texan tornado, Sissy’s unbridled natural skills have made her a critical darling and Oscar winner, shining bright in a crowded sky. Sissy Spacek’s portrayal of Loretta Lynn in “Coal Miner’s Daughter” not only earned her an Academy Award but also showcased her musical talents.

Glenn Close

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Glenn’s exceptional versatility in “The World According to Garp” and “The Big Chill” has afforded her countless accolades and a permanent place in our hearts. Glenn Close’s dedication to her craft has garnered multiple Tony Awards for her contribution to Broadway.

Jessica Lange

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This Minnesota-born beauty Jessica’s Oscar-winning performance in the movie, “King Kong,” displayed her worth, solidifying her status as a Hollywood great. Her return to television in critically acclaimed series like “American Horror Story” has reaffirmed her standing as a flexible and esteemed actress.

Stockard Channing

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A scene-stealing supporting actress, Stockard’s memorable turns in “Grease,” and “The Big Bus” have made her a beloved fixture in Hollywood’s character actor pantheon. Her Tony Award-winning performances on Broadway have highlighted her exceptional talent past the silver screen.

Pam Grier

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Pam Grier’s fearless performances in films like “Coffy” and “Foxy Brown have inspired generations of actresses and concreted her place as an entertainment legend. Her legacy as a pioneering black actress inspires and empowers the black community in showbiz.


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