15 Reasons the Royal Baby Will Have an Awesome Life


The royal baby is here! Born on July 22, 2013 to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, the most anticipated baby of the year (of forever?) has a name and a number of reasons he is already changing the face of the royals. The royal baby’s moniker is already public; the Duke and Duchess named their little bundle of joy after several important royals and family members so that his official name is Prince George Alexander Louis. He will be known as Prince George of Cambridge. Read on to find out 15 reasons the royal baby will have an awesome life.


They’re Normal

Prince William and Kate Middleton are not all that traditional themselves when it comes to royalty. They prefer to live without much help, preferring to shop and keep house without assistance.


They Value Family

Kate Middleton has not shunned her family because they are commoners. In fact, the royal baby is going to spend quite a bit of time with his common family.


They Drive Themselves

Unlike his mother, who was driven home from the hospital by a palace aid, Prince William himself chose to drive home his new wife and baby.


They Change Tradition

Prince William is the first royal father to spend the night in the hospital with his wife and baby in more than a century.


They Aren’t Staying at the Palace

While they initially went back to the palace after leaving the hospital, the royal family will spend the first month or so of the royal baby’s life with Kate’s parents at their home approximately 55 miles from the palace.


Commoners Visited

How many times in your life have the first people to visit the newly born royal baby been a couple of commoners, otherwise known as Kate’s family?


They Won’t Use a Full-time Nanny

Other royals use the assistance of a full-time nanny when they bring home a baby from the hospital. Kate and Wills; not so much. They plan on doing it all themselves, with the help of Kate’s family.


The Royal Baby Will Hang out With Non-Royals

Will and Kate met at university and the two have a number of close friends who are anything but royal. While some already have children of their own, it’s a safe bet that this royal baby will play on a few public playgrounds in his time.


They Break Holiday Tradition

Prince William and Kate aren’t afraid to ask the Queen for permission to live their own life. As a child, William spent every holiday with the royals, but asked permission from his grandmother, the Queen, last Christmas to forgo that duty to spend the holidays with Kate’s family. Undoubtedly, this will happen again.


Prince Harry is Uncle to the Royal Baby

Undoubtedly, this is probably the best way to buck tradition for the royal family. Prince Harry is fun, spirited, mischievous, and he will likely do his best to ensure that Prince George has a little fun and get into a little harmless trouble.


Wills Will Make a Great Father

This is not to say that other royal fathers weren’t amazing in their own right, but something about the way Wills looks at Kate tells us that he’s going to be a very hands-on kind of father.


They’re Happy

Unlike his parent’s marriage, which was fraught with torrid love affairs and rumors of infidelity, Will and Kate seem to have a much happier marriage. The couple is respectful, laid-back, and not afraid to show their affection in public.


The Way They Look at George

In the first public appearance the royal family made, it is obvious just how much these two love one another and their baby.


Wills is Always by Her Side

When Kate was rushed to the hospital in early December with severe morning sickness, the Prince was by her side the entire time. It goes to show how much love he has for her.


They’ve Always Been Rebels

While always well-behaved and respectful, this rebellious couple chose to live together before marriage in their own home. This is practically unheard of for royals, which makes this little family of three just a little cooler in my opinion.


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