15 Celebrity Favorite Makeup Products

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Have you always wondered what were some celebrity favorite makeup products?  Most of us do.  After all, if we can get the scoop on what they are using, we can try it too and hope we get some great results as well.  Drew Barrymore even has her own makeup line which she has named Flower Beauty.  She was spotted at the Estee Lauder Modern Muse Event on September 12th in New York City wearing a lipstick from Flower Beauty named Coral Floret.  You can read more about it in the article by People.


1. Christina Milian
Christina Milian says her favorite makeup product is actually a makeup remover.  She says she loves makeup removing wipes are her favorite because when she uses them she doesn’t have to wash her face in the traditional way.  Looking at her gorgeous complexion, one would never guess that she doesn’t spend tons of time on her skin.

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2. Jennifer Aniston
We all want to know what celebrity favorite makeup products Jennifer Aniston lays claim to.  It turns out that she is in love with Estee Lauder’s lip pencil in Fig.  She says she can mix it with many different products and get great results.  We won’t argue with that, seeing as to how she always looks gorgeous.

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3. Kelly Ripa

For this celebrity favorite makeup products, you need look no farther than this product.  To be specific, Kelly’s favorite product is Rosebud salve.  It is no surprise that her lips always look wonderfully smooth with her love of this product.

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4. Katherine Heigl
Don’t we all want makeup tips from this gorgeous gal?  This celebrity favorite makeup product is Stila Lip Polish in Shimmer.  This is a very neutral color that would work well with most complexions and hair colors.  Pick a tube up and let it work some magic for you.

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5. Kate Middleton

It turns out that even royals have a favorite makeup product.  Princess Kate has a love affair with Bobbi Brown’s lipstick in Sandwash Pink.  It is a nice neutral pink shade that flatters her fabulously.  If you look carefully at pictures of her, her lipstick almost always looks to be this shade.

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6. Katy Perry

There is no question that one of Katy Perry’s favorite makeup products is mascara.  Her eyelashes are always something that pop out at you when you see her.  And to get that gorgeous look, she says that one of her favorite mascaras is Yves Saint Laurent.  There is no question it works for her.

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7. Julianne Hough

I will admit, I think that Julianne Hough has one of the prettiest faces in Hollywood and that is due in part to her beautifully applied makeup.  One of her favorite makeup products is L’Oreal’s Voluminous Mascara, straight from the drugstore.  If it makes eyelashes look that full and gorgeous, I am going to have to add it to my list of products to try.

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8. Amy Adams

It is no surprise that one of Amy Adam’s favorite makeup products is for the eyes, as beautiful as hers are.  Amy loves Mally Dual Ended Eyeliner in black and navy.  I could look at Amy’s eye makeup for hours for inspiration on trying new makeup looks and I am sure you could too.

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9. Kate Hudson

Gorgeous Kate Hudson says that one of her favorite makeup products is Almay lip balms.  They come in a variety of colors and although she didn’t reveal her favorite, it is easy to see it would fall in the pink family.  Her famous mother, Goldie Hawn is rumored to love them, too.  

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10. Emma Stone

Emma Stone dazzles us with those gorgeous eyes and it is no wonder.  Her favorite makeup product is Revlon’s Lash Potion by Grow Luscious Mascara.  This mascara claims to be a strengthening formula for your lashes which is an added benefit.

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11. Carrie Underwood

While Carrie didn’t name any specifics as far as names go in makeup, she is not shy about sharing her favorite fragrance.  Her favorite fragrance happens to be none other than 1872 by Clive Christian.  This perfume is described as a floral fruity citrus fragrance, in that order.

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12. Nicole Kidman

This celebrity has a very fair complexion to work with when it comes to beauty and that takes certain products to have the right combination.  One of those favorite makeup products of hers is Dior Rouge Lipstick in Fig.  It perfectly compliments her skin tone.  

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13. Victoria Beckham

Victoria’s favorite makeup product is actually a product that goes on before your makeup does.  It is Elizabeth Arden’s 8 Hour Skin Protectant.  Since her skin is practically flawless we cannot argue with the effectiveness of the product.  

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14. Kiera Knightley

Kiera’s favorite makeup product is a mascara by Chanel.  It is Chanel Inimitable Mascara in black.  It is rumored to both lengthen and add volume.  I also read in my research that there is no need for an eyelash curler when you use this mascara formula.

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15. Kate Winslet

I always knew Kate Winslet was a lipstick girl.  Her favorite makeup product is Lancôme Color Fever Lipstick in Rose Defile.  This beautiful color plays up her full lips. Kate knows the secret of course.  Play up your best feature by pushing the focus to that area of your face.


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