Engagement Photo Tips for Classic, Timeless Photos

One of the first things many couples do after becoming engaged is take engagement photos. These photos are meant to be a representation of your engagement, your love and the beginning of your future together. The internet is full of inspiration and ideas for different poses you can include in your engagement photos, but there are a few concepts you should keep in mind before the photographer starts snapping away.

Keep it Simple and Appropriate

Some couples forget that engagement photos are meant to commemorate your love, but not in a manner that’s meant to be kept private. Make sure your ensembles and your poses are simple and appropriate. It’s okay to kiss, and to wear a lovely outfit, but the point is to stay classy and elegant.

Find Somewhere Gorgeous

Your background should be just as important as any other part of your photos. This means choosing a place in which there’s beauty and simplicity. A lake, the ocean, the mountains, a field of flowers, a field of pumpkins, the garden, the woods; they’re all wonderful locations that provide you with natural, beautiful and simple backgrounds that won’t overtake your photos or overshadow you’re love. The purpose of these backgrounds is to enhance your love and show off you and your new fiancé as the main event.

Don’t Worry About Bad Photos

Your photographer is not going to present you with a selection of bad engagement photos. Yes, there will be some photos in the hundreds or thousands of photos your photographer takes, but you’ll never see them. She’s going to capture you from every angle, in dozens of poses and doing things that might seem silly to you in person but will translate beautifully in photos. Trust her instincts and stop worrying about taking a bad photo. It’s not possible when the focus of the photo is the love you have for one another.


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