Engagement Arguements to Avoid

An engagement is a magical experience, but that magic only lasts so long before the pressures of planning the perfect wedding begin to take their toll. Between disagreements over the wedding registry (you simply do not understand why he thinks it’s okay to register for a new video gaming system and he doesn’t understand why you want to register for $100 wine glasses) and major disagreements over the wedding guest list (why does he want to invite that woman from his office who always seems to try and flirt with him in front of you, and why are you inviting your guy friend who always gives him the eye?), there is plenty of tension involved in wedding planning. Here are a few examples of the biggest wedding planning disagreements around, and tips on how you can avoid fighting over them.

Problem: Family and the Guest List

Solution: When your families start adding extra people onto the guest list, it can get frustrating. If your parents are paying for the wedding, they may find it annoying that his parents constantly add people to their side of the guest list. If you are paying for it, you may not want your mom inviting her coworkers. The best solution to the problem is to look at it like a business deal. Add up how much each side will cost, who is contributing what, figure out ways you can cut the cost, and present your findings to both sides of the family so that they see it’s not personal.

Problem: Money

Solution: You want to head straight to NYC to try on gowns at Kleinfeld’s and you fall in love with a $12,000 designer gown. He wants you to head straight to David’s Bridal, buy a $500 gown and spend the rest of that money on an unforgettable honeymoon to Tahiti. Solution – think about it! A hugely expensive gown over a great vacation? Um, NO! This wedding is for BOTH of you, not just you. If you want a gown you love, find an affordable one. The honeymoon is for you both, and it’s something you’ll always remember. Ten years from now, you’ll look back on your wedding gown and wonder what you were even thinking.

Problem: Bridezilla Behavior

Solution: Chill out. Seriously, if planning your wedding is turning you into a raging you-know-what, take a few minutes to reevaluate your life and relax. You don’t get to go all crazy bridezilla on this man, your family, and your friends just because it’s your wedding day. They don’t care what color the ink is on your invitations, they just want to celebrate with you. Let it go and focus on what’s really important; the marriage.


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